GAPS Supplementation Criteria

 GAPS Supplementation Protocol.  Dr N. Campbell-McBride emphasises nutrition as the core intervention for the GAPS protocol and successful management of GAPS digestive disorders.  Supplements alone can not achieve the healing response that the GAPS diet does.  Too many supplements can irritate an already inflamed and damaged gut lining and interrupt with the healing process.  Whilst some supplements are important […]

Stage Progression

Healing Crisis A healing crisis usually occurs in stage one on day two or three.  During the first few days in implementing the GAPS protocol, the body begins cleaning up its toxins.  The healing crisis occurs when the pathogenic microbes die off and release their toxins.  These toxins are the cause of the GAPS patient’s […]

Video and Audio Download

  13th May 2009 The true connection between nutrition and brain function One Radio Network (sign up with One Radio Network for free to download the podcast) 14th September 2009  Gut flora and healing with animal foods One Radio Network(sign up with One Radio Network for free to download the podcast) 14th September 2009  The […]

GAPS Recommended Reading and Viewing

  The Following Books and DVD’s are recommended reading and viewing for GAPS   Gut and Psychology Syndrome (Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride) Cooking For GAPS DVD (Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride) Put Your Heart in Your Mouth (Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride) Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal health through diet (Elaine Gotchall) The GAPS Companion (Linda Paterson) Internal Bliss (International Nutrition) […]

Research links

GAPS Related Research Click on the below research links to view  Dr Andrew Wakerfield:  MMR vaccine findings on autism and other pervasive developmental disorders in children  Rush University Medical Centre are conducting a clinical trial for the  Specific Carbohydrate Diet to determine whether it changes the composition of gut flora. The Title of the Study: […]

Creating an Allergy Diet

More and more people are reporting that they are suffering from a form of food allergy. In practice, many of the people that report food allergies do not meet the criteria of a food allergy and so it is far more likely that they are suffering from a food intolerance. Food intolerances can take many […]

Establishing a Food Sensitivity Diet

Establishing a Food Sensitivity Diet Food sensitivity is what most of us would call a food allergy. A food sensitivity diet is one that looks to deal with these allergies in a practical way so that we can become more tolerant of certain food types that we think we have built up an intolerance of.  […]

GAPS and the Fussy Eater

GAPS and the Fussy Eater It is quite common for children with neuro-psychological conditions to be fussy eaters. GAPS, which refers to a relationship between the gut and the health of the brain and immune system, ties together all the health issues experienced by children and adults with psychiatric and psychological conditions. These health issues […]

Treatment with the Autoimmune Diet

Treatment with the Autoimmune Diet An autoimmune diet is one that looks to improve the symptoms associated with autoimmune diseases by looking at nutritional intake. Autoimmune diet advice may be given to people who suffer from diseases such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes type one, celiac disease and other conditions. How the body […]

Improving Diet for Eczema Sufferers

Improving Diet for Eczema Sufferers Understanding GAPS is about understanding the relationship between the way we live, the foods we eat, the health of our gut and our overall health. By overall health this is extended beyond our physical wellbeing to include our mental health too. Eczema is a common complaint amongst people with digestive […]

Creating an Improved Diet for Anxiety

Creating an Improved Diet for Anxiety Understanding psychiatric or psychological conditions like panic and anxiety can be difficult because they are so often intertwined with other condition. Pigeon-holing people and providing a single diagnosis is made hard by the fact that so many conditions overlap one another. How a Better Diet for Anxiety Could Help […]

GAPS and Eczema Relief

GAPS and Eczema Relief GAPS refers to the idea that psychiatric complaints as well as physical complaints originate in the gut and that therefore all of these complaints, including eczema relief can be targeted by focusing on the problems that have arisen in the gut. Digestive Problems and Eczema Relief Overwhelming research has shown that […]

The link between Depression Diet and Digestion

The link between Depression Diet and Digestion Gut and Psychology Syndrome describes a connection between the gut and the brain and suggests that the two go hand in hand whereby the gut affects the way the brain functions in terms of the levels of toxicity in our diet and in our daily lives. This syndrome […]

GAPS, Diet, Anorexia and Eating Disorders

GAPS, Diet, Anorexia and Eating Disorders Gut and Psychology Syndrome and Gut and Physiology Syndrome – both known as GAPS – refers to a condition whereby the way that the gut works is related to mental health and brain functioning of an individual. Diet, anorexia, and fussy eating in childhood along with digestive problems have […]

Common Questions

  1) Q: GAPS FIRST EDITION BOOK Dairy order: I noticed the order for dairy in the introduction diet is different to the order in the GAPS book first edition. The book explains a gradual introduction to dairy but the introduction diet allows yoghurt from the very beginning. A: Yes and I am glad you […]


  B is for Beauty and Skin Treatment, the magic of kefir and coconut Many of our very expensive skin care products contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which was a revolutionary discovery for the beauty industry and a product found naturally in fruit acids as well as kefir in the form of lactic acid. The lactic acid […]

How toxic is your dentist?

One question I am often asked is how to avoid the chemicals at the dentist.  There is no need for a regular visits to the dentist whilst the person is working on healing, unless there is an identifiable problem that needs treatment.  If there is a need for urgent treatment, try to find a holistic […]

Belly Massage: to assist in the relief of constipation

Anyone can perform this nurturing and relaxing procedure. It aids digestion, assists in loosening faecal compaction, eases constipation, relieves colic, eases tension and helps regulate breathing.  To help your child’s bowels move, try the ‘ I love you’ technique for the large intestines. With follow the steps outlined below to first massage the small intestine […]