Establishing a Food Sensitivity Diet

Establishing a Food Sensitivity Diet

Food sensitivity is what most of us would call a food allergy. A food sensitivity diet is one that looks to deal with these allergies in a practical way so that we can become more tolerant of certain food types that we think we have built up an intolerance of. 

How the diet can help

Food sensitivity diet can help people who have in their childhood developed fussy eating habits but the root cause of the food sensitivity may lie even further back than this. GAPS suggests that the health of our gut is what lies behind many of the common ailments people experience today because digestive problems seem to be a common trait that lots of people share.

The Gut Flora

The view is that digestive problems experienced by the mother can affect the gut flora of the unborn child so that the problems with digestion and eating begin from birth. GAPS explores the relationship between the gut and a person’s overall health and so would take the view that intolerances can be treated with a food sensitivity diet that would improve the health of the gut so that they might go on to achieve a more balanced diet.

The steps to follow to improve the diet

The food sensitivity diet is designed to deal with the fact that it can be very difficult to pinpoint which foods are causing the problem by stripping the diet back to very essential but basic foods. The best foods to eat would be eggs, meat, fish, and both cooked and raw vegetables. Stocks and soups would be treated as a staple in the food sensitivity diet, containing essential nutrients.

  • Stocks and soups
  • Meat and fish
  • Eggs
  • Vegetables, both cooked and raw          

Overcoming Food Sensitivity

It is thought that by stripping back the diet to basic but essential foods, the gut can heal and begin to function properly so that the person’s overall health and tolerance of different foods can be improved. Because food sensitivity can involve skin irritations, migraines and other symptoms, the results could be very significant for a person who suffers frequently from food sensitivity.