Belly Massage: to assist in the relief of constipation

Massage for the relief of constipation

Massage for the relief of constipation

Anyone can perform this nurturing and relaxing procedure. It aids digestion, assists in loosening faecal compaction, eases constipation, relieves colic, eases tension and helps regulate breathing.  To help your child’s bowels move, try the ‘ I love you’ technique for the large intestines. With follow the steps outlined below to first massage the small intestine and then with ‘I L U’ in mind, follow the instructions to massage the large intestine (colon).


            Diagram A: The Gut               


ILU technique

     Diagram B: The I Love You Technique

The ‘I Love You’ Belly Massage Technique

1.      Apply one tablespoon of preferred massage oil on the belly. Place your flat hand over your navel and shake the abdomen gently.   Popular oils include the following:

Olive oil

Coconut oil

Caster Oil – preferred as it helps break up faecal compaction through the skin and gut wall

Udo’s Oil

2.     We are going to work on the small intestine first.  Use the tips of your two index fingers to massage the small intestines in small circular clockwise motions around the navel.

 Repeat a rotation of these circles 3 – 5 times.

3.      Now we are going to work on the large intestine with the ‘I love you’ technique and the aim is to help push faecal matter along the colon to break up the compaction or blockage.  Start medium clockwise circles from your right hip bone using the flat ends of your fingers. Gently circle and gradually move upwards towards the first rib. This pattern travels along the ascending colon (as shown in diagram A coloured purple) and resembles the ‘I’ (as shown in diagram B). Repeat 3 – 5 times.

4.     Then continue to the next step which includes circle for both the I and the L together so this starts from your right side hip along the ascending colon and travels to the left side along the transverse colon (as shown in diagram A coloured blue) and resembles the ‘I and L’ (as shown in diagram B). Repeat 3 – 5 times.

5.      Finally, we complete the cycle with continuing the process by combining “I L U’ motions  together as we aim to move matter towards the rectum for release.  Once again start from the right hip bone up the ascending colon, across the transvers colon and then move down the descending colon (as shown in diagram A, coloured yellow) completing the full ‘U’ cycle (as shown in diagram B). Repeat 3 – 5 times or more.

The above massage technique is encouraged two to three times daily.  For best results, prepare and apply a ‘Caster Oil Pack’ when the massage is complete.  This is a comforting and experience.

Caster Oil Pack

Apply a tablespoon of caster oil on the abdomen, followed by placing a warm towel and hot water bottle on top and this will help soften the faecal compaction over time and is a gentle and non-intrusive remedy to apply.