Treatment with the Autoimmune Diet

Treatment with the Autoimmune Diet

An autoimmune diet is one that looks to improve the symptoms associated with autoimmune diseases by looking at nutritional intake. Autoimmune diet advice may be given to people who suffer from diseases such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes type one, celiac disease and other conditions.

How the body reacts

The body can respond inappropriately to various substances that are often present and when this happens it begins to attack itself. This might focus on a certain part of the body or it might focus on a certain type of tissue found in different locations.

Treatment with medicine

Treatment typically involves medication but GAPS suggests that it may be possible to treat with a special autoimmune diet. GAPS proposed that autoimmune diseases can be attributed to problems in the gut and therefore states that an autoimmune diet treatment could alleviate the symptoms.

Removing the toxins in the body

The autoimmune diet involves ridding the body of toxins and repairing the health of the gut. It also suggests that the toxins that we expose ourselves to in our daily lives are directly leading to autoimmune disease as these toxins filter into our blood streams.

Complimentary and alternative medicines could help and there is plenty of information on line about hypnosis and chiropractic support, for instance. The autoimmune diet could also act in a way that could compliment your existing treatment and it might be an idea to talk to your doctor about GAPS, the autoimmune diet that GAPS suggests and the benefits of detoxification.

Where toxins can be found

There are toxins in lots of foods. Even our vegetables are pumped with chemicals so that they look better in the supermarket aisles. It doesn’t take a great deal of guess work to imagine that this may eventually affect our health.

  • Toxins can be found in our food
  • In cleaning products
  • In our washing detergent

The GAPS Diet for Everyone

GAPS suggests that these toxins are already affecting our health and lie behind the increased prevalence of lots of conditions, both psychiatric and physical. As such, the autoimmune diet is not specific for sufferers of autoimmune diseases. The diet is more general and is one that any person could follow if they are looking for ways to improve their digestive health and any other related health concern in a natural way.