GAPS Fussy Eating Mealtime Management Course

Breaking the vicious cycle of a child’s fussy eating habit can be an extremely challenging task but it CAN absolutely be achieved! The GAPS Fussy Eating Mealtime Management Course presented by Linda Paterson was born out of real life experience for her own fussy eater diagnosed with autism.

Linda Paterson (Certified GAPS Practitioner & GAPS Coach Training Instructor) has been treating many families in her own GAPS Clinic in Australia since 2008 with the majority of her cases requiring support for children who are extreme fussy eaters. As a GAPS Instructor, Linda also teaches the Fussy Eating Mealtime Management Protocol to Certified GAPS Coaches for Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride. She is not afraid to tackle the more difficult cases with parents not believing their child will ever change because she believes if all the steps outlined in the course are followed through and there is 100% commitment from families, then every parent has the opportunity to change their child’s relationship with food.

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Who is the GAPS Fussy Eating Mealtime Management course designed for?

This Online Learning Program is ideal for:

  • Families, friends and practitioners who wish to understand the physiological reasons behind our children’s fussy eating habits and what can be done to change it.
  • Families, friends and health practitioners who are looking to understand how simple tools and templates can assist them in navigating a child’s GAPS journey at meal times.
  • Practitioners and associated health professionals who wish to support their own patients with useful techniques, tools and templates to assist in navigating the GAPS diet for children who are fussy eaters.

Course Content?

“The GAPS Fussy Eating Mealtime Management (FE-MTM) Course” is an extensive education program targeting intervention strategies and approaches for parents to learn how to implement the FE-MTM Program for their fussy eater.  This program aims to better understand why our children are fussy eaters to begin with and what can be done about it.

The course layout includes the following lessons and topics:

  • Understanding Fussy Eating & Physiological Components
  • Fussy Eating Mealtime Management Program Strategies
  • Reward Types
  • Verbal and Non Verbal Approaches
  • Motivation Commitment & Preparation for Success
  • Real GAPS Stories from Families of Fussy Eaters
  • Selecting the Right Rewards
  • Supportive Mealtime Management Tools and Templates
  • Putting it all together
  • Compliance Issues
  • My Sons Fussy Eating Mealtime Moments Captured on Video
  • Gifts for Families & Helpful Downloads

This is coupled with 4 video tutorials with a final video of Linda’s son’s fussy eating captured on video when he was three.   Linda explains why our children are fussy eaters and what can be done to change their relationship with food.

How long will this course take to complete?

The majority of this course content is illustrated in video presentations that can be viewed at the families own leisure. Each presentation can be watched again to provide further clarification and understanding and all content can also be paused to continue watching at a later time.  The duration of this course can comfortably be completed within 2 weeks or less if you are super keen to get started.

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Testimonials: See how others benefit from this course

As a  GAPS practitioner Linda’s Fussy Eating course gave me the language, knowledge, tips & techniques that allows me to encourage my own clients with fussy eaters to approach their eating habits in a fun and confident way. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has a fussy eater in their life, or who has a practice that comes across fussy eaters from time to time. The insights this course has given me are invaluable. Thank you so much Linda for your dedication.

NameEva SollaCertified GAPS Practitioner

Course Affiliate Referfal Program for Certified GAPS Coach’s and Practitioners

If you are a Certified GAPS Coach or Certified GAPS Practitioner and wish to include this course in parallel to your current support consulting packages, we do have a Course Affiliate Referral Program.

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