GAPS Supplementation Criteria

 GAPS Supplementation Protocol.

 Dr N. Campbell-McBride emphasises nutrition as the core intervention for the GAPS protocol and successful management of GAPS digestive disorders.  Supplements alone can not achieve the healing response that the GAPS diet does.  Too many supplements can irritate an already inflamed and damaged gut lining and interrupt with the healing process.  Whilst some supplements are important for some people and recommended by qualified practitioners, Dr N. Campbell-McBride advocates keeping supplements to a minimum whilst giving the digestive tract a chance to heal. 

‘The GAPS™ Supplementation Guide’ Coming Soon!

This guide will help  you make your selection of GAPS Supplements that meet the GAPS Supplementation Criteria with recommended dosage for therapeutic use with all ages.  It will also provide you with additional information on other targeted supplementation for GAPS.


The GAPS Supplementation Protocol Criteria

The essential supplementation Protocol for GAPS advised by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride follows:

1. An effective therapeutic strength Probiotic

2. Essential fatty acids

►  A good seed or nut oil blend in the ratio of 2:1 omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids

►  A good Cod Liver Oil

►  Fish Oil with a higher ratio of EPA to DHA

3. Vitamin A & D in the form of Cod Liver Oil

4. Digestive Enzymes only for some

5. Vitamin, Mineral and Amino Acid Supplements

Dr. Campbell-McBride does not recommend any vitamin or mineral supplementation at the beginning of the program until the digestive system shows signs of improvement. Some patients may require targeted supplementation but this is a matter for a qualified practitioner to decide and should be avoided where possible so that it does not interfere with the healing process.

If you are going to use supplements:
► Choose supplements without any ingredients which may aggravate the gut condition.
► Choose supplements with added fulvic acid ensuring a high absorption rate.
► Keep supplements to an absolute minimum.

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