GAPS Online Support Group Forum

Welcome to the online GAPS Support Group Forum.

Our goal is to support people who wish to navigate or implement the Gut and Psychology Syndrome protocol by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride to restore digestive health. The forum provides an opportunity for people to share their experiences and knowledge about GAPS topics and allows new comers to gain an insight on what to expect during the program.


Our Aim

We aim to establish networks across Australia, New Zealand and other Australasian communities and visitors from other parts of the world who are also welcome to join us.

Our valuable human resources include an increasing number of Certified GAPS Practitioners who are often online waiting to support you with your questions.

We welcome you to join us by introducing yourself to the group so that your questions can be answered and your networks established.  If you find joining a forum to be a bit confusing and are not sure how to get started, it is my bet that you will have it set up in minutes if you find a young teenager to help you, they seem to be the social media gurus of our time.  Please click on the’ Join GAPS Support’ button above or follow the link below to get started.

Forum Decorum

Group Forum Decorum: Support is a valuable component during the implementation of the GAPS protocol and we expect all members of this group to behave in accordance with this level of respect.  We encourage members to facilitate communication in a positive and supportive way that is considerate of individual sensitivities within the broader diversity of the group. This forum is constantly moderated to ensure that appropriate communication is adhered to and we will not hesitate to delete a message or ban a member if this decorum is not met.

Disclaimer of Content Uploaded on the GASP Support Group Forum: All advice and information on this forum is given in good faith by members of the community and is based on individual opinions and personal knowledge base. The Forum Moderator, GAPS Australia (GAPSA) and GAPS Nutrition Consultancy (GNC) personnel do not accept legal liability or responsibility for any consequences arising from the use of the information uploaded or information received and interpreted by forum members.