Creating an Improved Diet for Anxiety

Creating an Improved Diet for Anxiety

Understanding psychiatric or psychological conditions like panic and anxiety can be difficult because they are so often intertwined with other condition. Pigeon-holing people and providing a single diagnosis is made hard by the fact that so many conditions overlap one another.

How a Better Diet for Anxiety Could Help

 Providing a diet for anxiety and panic and other related disorder, all of which may be present in the same individual, could be a possibility. GAPS explains how the health of the gut and eating better involves a better diet for anxiety that may help to improve some of the associated symptoms.

GAPS presents findings that digestive problems are often a common complaint amongst people with certain physical and mental health problems and so takes the view that by altering our food intake we can provide treatment through diet for anxiety and other illnesses.

The Toxins in our Foods

The idea that the toxins in the foods we eat can affect our mental health would mean that a bad diet for anxiety could be problematic. To introduce a positive diet for anxiety would mean going through the GAPS protocol of three stages:

  • Learning about and improving the diet
  • Supplementing diet for anxiety with vitamins and essential acids
  • Making lifestyle changes that incorporates the new improved diet for anxiety

The Different Stages in the Diet for Anxiety

There are different stages of the GAPS diet for anxiety and it depends on other digestive problems that may be present. The final result, though, should mean that most of the food that is consumed should include meat, fish, dairy as long as it has already been fermented, and either raw or boiled vegetables. Fruit, although we know it is good for us, should be avoided for a few weeks if the GAPS diet for anxiety is to be followed before it is then reintroduced only as a snack. Soups and natural fats should all be part of the daily intake in creating a diet for anxiety.

Where to find more Information about the GAPS diet and Anxiety

Sticking to the GAPS diet for anxiety to help overcome symptoms associated with it can be very difficult to do but there are some hints and tips that are available online to give you more ideas. You can also learn more about how it all works.