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The ‘GAPS Practitioner Listing’ Button will lead you to an extensive list of Australian and New Zealand Certified GAPS Practitioners who have been formally trained and certified by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride.  Most of these Practitioners are prepared to consult with you by phone or in person.

Apart from giving private consultations many of these practitioners run a local GAPS Group, which is a support group for you. Attending regular meetings with your local GAPS Group will allow you to meet other people who are using the GAPS Nutritional Protocol whilst receiving GAPS support from experienced Practitioners.  These groups are targeted to help you learn more about the GAPS program whilst having the opportunity to have your questions answered.

If you are a health professional in Australia or New Zealand seeking to be trained by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride to receive certification as a GAPS Practitioner, click on the button below.

GAPS Diet Australia Clinic

Click below to view consultation options at the GAPS Diet Australia Clinic with Linda Paterson and her team.

Career Opportunities:  If you are a Certified GAPS Practitioner (or about to embark on the course) and live in Brisbane and wish to join our team of GAPS Practitioners at the GAPS Diet Australia Clinic and work alongside Linda Paterson and benefit from her coaching, please contact us with your expression of interest.

GAPS Practitioner Wholesale Applications

We offer GAPS merchandise wholesale accounts to Certified GAPS Practitioners, Alied Health Care Practitioners and related Clinics and Health Stores.

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We wish to invite you to become a GAPS Affiliate. We know that many of you like to share where you buy your GAPS goods and supplies with friends but now you can do this and retrospectively receive rewards at the same time. With each customer you refer via your affiliate link, you will earn an allocated percentage from the referred customers order and corresponding orders placed there after. The percentage value of each order placed will be assigned to your GAPS online account as a store credit and can be used as a deducted value in AUD from your own online orders.

This Affiliate Program is good for families wishing to make savings on their GAPS Supplies as well as Practitioners who regularly refer to us. Practitioners can also use the appointed store credit values within the wholesale category portal to further shave off the already discounted wholesale price. We are grateful to all our customers who have shared the word and now it is our chance to give back when you take the time to share and support us.  We have put this in place for the many people who regularly refer to our online store. It is our way of saying thank you.

Registration is simple. Click on the Registration button to the left to locate the registration page, enter your details, share the links and you will be earning credits in no time.