The link between Depression Diet and Digestion

The link between Depression Diet and Digestion

Gut and Psychology Syndrome describes a connection between the gut and the brain and suggests that the two go hand in hand whereby the gut affects the way the brain functions in terms of the levels of toxicity in our diet and in our daily lives. This syndrome links illnesses such as depression with diet so that depression diet and digestion are inter-related. Not only does the idea of GAPS relate these three factors but states that the depression diet link is one of a causal relationship. This view suggests that the rout cause of depression diet problems and other psychiatric conditions are all found in the gut.

  • Depression and digestion are linked
  • Toxins exist in our diet causing the problems we experience
  • These problems can be treated by making changes to our diet

How Toxins could affect Depression

The depression diet is one where the diet that is eaten supplies only harmful toxins to the gut which are then passed into the blood stream according to GAPS. As a solution, the depression diet should start with finding out who stocks the foods that are good for us and where it is possible to find recipes and supplements to help improve the diet. The depression diet relationship says that an individual should then rid themselves of all of the harmful toxins in their body by eating soups and broths and essential fats so that the gut can start to heal.

Our exposure to Toxins

Depression diet and digestion problems can all be linked to toxins according to GAPS but this is not limited to the toxins that we consume. There are toxins all around us in the cleaning products we use and in the washing powder we use to clean our clothes. Even when we think we are eating wholesome foods, we are actually subjecting ourselves to more toxins. GAPS tells us that to improve depression diet changes need to be made and we need to become more aware of the foods that are actually good for us and how we can limit our exposure to toxins.