Improving Diet for Eczema Sufferers

Improving Diet for Eczema Sufferers

Understanding GAPS is about understanding the relationship between the way we live, the foods we eat, the health of our gut and our overall health. By overall health this is extended beyond our physical wellbeing to include our mental health too. Eczema is a common complaint amongst people with digestive problems and vice versa. GAPS suggest that this link is not an accidental one and that the problems that exist in the gut are causing other problems too.

Changing the health of our Gut

A diet that improves the gut is also a diet for eczema. A diet for eczema is one that looks to treat the symptoms associated with eczema by improving the way the gut works and ultimately our health. The diet for eczema should begin with a detoxification process which should include the eradication of all harmful toxins we are exposed to.

The GAPS diet for eczema means removing ourselves from all those things that make us feel tired, bloated etc. so that we can begin to feel better. The steps of the diet for eczema include helping our gut get back on track by avoiding foods that make it worse.

The stages of the diet

For the diet for eczema to work we have to remove the bad bacteria and replace it with good bacteria, which can involve adding probiotics into the diet for eczema treatment. We can get rid of toxins by eating foods that we can digest easily and by drinking lots of fresh juices.

  • Avoid foods that are bad for the gut
  • Remove bad bacteria and replace it with good bacteria
  • Rid ourselves of toxins

Treating conditions other than eczema

GAPS is not just a diet for eczema though, it is a diet for lots of conditions that include psychiatric problems as well as physical ones. The main premise is that many of our modern-day ailments can be treated by focusing on our digestive health, which means improving the way our gut functions.

Using nutrition and diet for eczema treatment may sound odd at first but when we begin to look at the links between digestion and eczema it is easy to see how a diet for eczema might work. This isn’t to say that other treatments should be stopped or won’t work, but that an improved diet for eczema sufferers might have real results.