The 3 Systems: Immune, Endocrine, & Cardiovascular
3 days • 3 Systems • 10 Speakers + Bonus Talks

Dr. Natasha and the GAPS Team are delighted to invite you to attend our 2nd annual GAPS online conference. GAPS is flourishing on a global level and we are excited to host this worldwide event to expand our community and to encourage curious new minds to come into the fold of GAPS.

As an OnCon attendee, you will have opportunities to interact with our expert speakers, our worldwide GAPS community, other attendees, engage with our sponsors and virtual exhibitors, and be a part of this exciting event through our web and mobile apps.

GAPS On Con Registration Opens November, 2021
• Gift Giveaway: Register with your discount code gapsau22 and your name will be entered to go in the chance to win a months supply of Gutbiome’s New Advanced Synbiotic formula.  You will also get $5 off your ticket price.