GAPS 4 Day Retreat: Next upcoming retreat to be announced

Come join us on a GAPS journey

Learn all you need to know to implement the GAPS diet whilst being pampered and nourished at the same time. Our retreat program is designed to help guests improve their relationship with food, whilst being nurtured and nourished in our remote lush organic hinterland farm surrounds.

In case you haven’t yet heard, GAPS Diet Australia are delighted to announce the launch of our first GAPS Health Retreat. Our retreat program is designed to help guests improve their relationship with food, whilst being nurtured and nourished in our remote lush organic hinterland farm surroundings.

We have discovered the most spectacular certified organic farm to host our retreat on a 170-acre rainforest property in the hinterlands. Come breath the pristine air within the natural rainforest surrounds and prepare yourself to re-set. This is not just a first for GAPS, this is the first of its kind in Australia. We’ve been wanting to make this announcement for a while whilst working behind the scenes with our wonderful GAPS team to deliver a program that will leave guests feeling inspired and mentally empowered to implement the program confidently whilst feeling nourished and well.

It is our aim to provide a welcoming atmosphere where individuals can be coached by Certified GAPS Practitioners, employ detoxification strategies, attend GAPS education and cooking classes, indulge in GAPS nourishing cuisine and surround yourself with like-minded people.

The goal of this program is not only to advise and equip individuals with their own GAPS approach but to also allow guests to be pampered and spiritually nourished at the same time. Guests can choose to join our awakening sessions each day with a rejuvenating morning yoga class or unwind with our insightful evening meditation sessions. Other elective therapies offered include Kinesiology, Massage and Angel readings.

Did we also mention that the dinning room features a large 20 seater solid timber table for guests to share GAPS meals and social banter together? We should also add that our menu does include those important GAPS staples with meat stocks, soups, fermented vegetables and juicing to name a few. Much of the food is sourced from the farms own produce. Some of the food grown at the farm include pastured beef, pork and eggs, a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, and native Australian foods such as Macadamias, Finger Limes and Davidson Plums.

The main guest house interior holds it’s homely warmth with a snuggly communal fireplace for the perfect place to unwind with other guests and GAPS tea beverages are available at all times. Other features include the purpose built yoga studio, infrared sauna and saltwater pool. The property intrinsically boasts with natural beauty enticing you to engage and connect with it and soak up all it has to offer.

So, where exactly is this secret GAPS Retreat location you may ask? Wybalena Organic Farm is located in the heart of the Byron Bay shire surrounded by acres of bushland and rainforest. It is a 36 minute drive south of the Gold Coast Airport and a 40 minute drive north of Ballina Airport. For the coastal lovers, it is a 15 minute drive to Brunswick Heads and a 33 minute drive to the heart of Byron Bay.

And now, finally, we’re so happy to announce that we are now accepting reservations. We are ready to accommodate bookings for both couples and singles and have both economy and deluxe rate packages. It does not matter if you are new to GAPS or whether you have been travelling the GAPS journey for some time and wish to gain further insight. Our programs are ideal for guests who wish to come alone and meet new people or for those who wish to bring a friend to bounce off one another during the learning and indulging experience.

We want you to leave the farm feeling refreshed and revitalized with your new-found knowledge and skills that will ultimately equip you with the necessary tools required to take control of your health in every step of your life. Come meet our team, you will find us at the main house waiting to guide and nurture you through your deserving and gratifying experience. From the moment you step on the rich soil of this wonderful property, you will feel right at home and ready to join us on a healing and transformative GAPS Journey.

Our GAPS Retreat bookings are limited to a comfortable number and with the strong interest we have already received, we are expecting to sell out quickly.

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Retreat Inclusions

• Accommodation: economy and deluxe packages available to cater for all
• 3 Nourishing Organic GAPS Meals per day (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)
• GAPS Presentations: Refer to our program
• Cooking Demonstrations: Refer to our program
• Organic Permaculture Farm Tour – 1 hour
• Morning Yoga Sessions– 45 Minutes
• Meditation Sessions – Learn how to meditate – 45 Minutes
• Chi Gong
• Rainforest Excursion
• GAPS Retreat Welcome Gift Bag

Retreat Welcome Gift Bag

GAPS Retreat Welcome Gift Bag including the following

GAPS Workbook
GAPS Cooking DVD
Detox Enema Kit
Epsom Salts
Discount Vouchers
Probiotics & Supplementation Guide
Clinic Consultation Booking Voucher
GAPS Resource Kit Folder: containing a wealth of information, recipes, meal planners, diet programs and inclusive tools and templates to help guide the protocol

Retreat Additional Activities (Free)

• Salt water pool
• Detox sauna Sessions

Retreat Optional Extras (Additional Charge)

Kinesiology Sessions – 1 hour
Massage Appointments – 1 hour
Angel Card Reading – half hour

Who is the retreat for?

With all the educational components put together for guests to learn and understand the GAPS Program, we do not recommend this retreat to be suitable for children under the age of 15.  Our next retreat will be a family based retreat inclusive of GAPS programs for all ages.

This program is focused on the parent or adult wishing to embark on their GAPS journey for the first time for themselves or family or to fine tune their current relationship with healing food and the GAPS Protocol.  We have some rooms reserved for couples, singles and other share rooms for friends who wish to share and explore the GAPS retreat experience together.

It is a place to have a break from cooking, working, parenting and all the other things you may be comitted and connected to.  Here you will unwind, feel at home and be nurtured and nourished in a way that you deserve.

Optional Extras

Kinesiology Gut and Pshychology $120

Amanda Davis

Angel Card Readings $70

Anita Hamilton

Anita’s Sessions – What to expect…
Anita is our retreat yoga and meditation instructor.  But also offeres Angel Intuitive Card Readings for those who wish to book a half hour session. Angel Intuitives aim to assist people to help identify with a certain need, care or support. Perhaps it is finding your soulmate, coping with life’s challenges, or assisting you with other important family issues.  Sometimes a little perspective can go a long way.

Massage, aghhhhhh there is not a lot to be said here.  Simply close your eyes and enjoy an hour long massage session in peace.