GAPS and Eczema Relief

GAPS and Eczema Relief

GAPS refers to the idea that psychiatric complaints as well as physical complaints originate in the gut and that therefore all of these complaints, including eczema relief can be targeted by focusing on the problems that have arisen in the gut.

Digestive Problems and Eczema Relief

Overwhelming research has shown that for people why psychiatric illness, it is common to have other conditions such as digestive problems or skin complaints and require eczema relief. In other situations were GAPS refers to physical illness in relation to the gut, it is common for people requiring eczema relief to suffer with digestion problems. GAPS suggests that eczema relief may come in the form of a an improved diet, believing that by focusing on the digestive problem, it is possible to get to the route of the issue.

It is thought that the number of toxins we are exposed to dramatically alters the health of our gut and is eventually absorbed into our bloodstream causing skin problems and eczema so that we look for medicines for eczema relief. GAPS takes the view that by reducing our exposure to these toxins we can improve the health of our gut and improve the condition of the skin in patients were eczema relief is required.

Reducing the number of toxins we are exposed to means that we must:

  • Lower the number of cleaning products we use around the home
  • Use safe personal cleaning products
  • Use eco-friendly washing powders

Using eco-friendly washing powders and safe personal cleaning products is essential in eczema relief, but there are other practical changes we can make too.

Treating Eczema

Avocado and Bio Kult can be mixed together to act as a cream in eczema relief. This is something that can be done quickly to relieve some of the symptoms associated with the condition in a natural way.

Detoxifying the body and improving diet

Introducing a GAPS focused diet and detoxifying the body are seen as the first steps in providing eczema relief as these measures improve the health of the gut, which is where GAPS believes the problem of eczema and other complaints can originate.

Wider Reading

More details about the relationship between the gut and psychiatric illnesses and skin complaints like eczema can be found online. If you would like to read up on how GAPS can provide eczema relief you can find information here: