Treating Eczema with the GAPS diet

About GAPS

GAPS is a term that refers to Gut and Psychology Syndrome, which was first developed by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride in response to the findings of years of experience working alongside people of all ages suffering with a variety of psychological and autoimmune conditions.

The link between mental and physical health

It has, for some time, been understood that many psychiatric and autoimmune conditions overlap and that people may suffer from a number of other secondary illnesses once they have been diagnosed. What is now known, however, is that conditions such as eczema may be highly common in these patients.  GAPS sees that eczema may well form as a result of a relationship between the way we digest our food, the bodies level of toxicity, and the state of the immune system.

  • People suffering from mental health disorders are likely to develop gut disorders that affect the immune system
  • Eczema is a response from the immune system
  • Changing your diet and restoring the gut flora will make all the difference

How Changing the diet can impact health

The GAPS Protocol suggests that conditions that arise can be helped by making certain alterations to the diet. Eczema is a condition that is very common when assessing people with mental health issues and other autoimmune conditions so it might seem obvious that a connection exists between the two. Please read the GAPS Book to learn more on how to treat these conditions and its relationship to eczema.