Possible ADHD Treatments

Possible ADHD Treatments

ADHD treatment: Where does one start to look?  ADHD is an abbreviation from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which is a condition that makes it hard for children, in particular, to manage and check the way that they act. ADHD treatment is needed by children that suffer with the condition, which is one that impacts male children more than females. It is quite a common condition, with over ten percent of children being affected. There are very specific ways that a child’s actions might be impacted so that they might require ADHD treatment. These include:

  • Showing a lack of attention or reduced attention span
  • Acting in a way that might be perceived as hyperactive
  • Presenting an impulsivity in their actions

The way that these symptoms present themselves can differ but general traits can be seen. A child needing ADHD treatment may find it very difficult to pay attention in class or stick to a game that they are playing. When talking to a child with ADHD you may feel that you are not being listened to and that they are not absorbing the information or instructions you are giving them.

A Diet-Focused ADHD Treatment

ADHD treatment may include medication although there are plenty of homeopathic treatments available too. Often people with the condition also suffer physically with skin complaints or digestive problems and GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) looks to offer a possible solution to the problem by focusing on the digestive system and its relationship with the brain and immune system. It is thought that by extracting dairy and avoiding certain cleaning chemicals and washing detergents it is possible to provide a diet-focused and product-focused ADHD treatment that could alleviate some of the symptoms associated with the physical problems a patient may suffer from as well.

Improving Diet to help treat ADHD

There are many secondary issues associated with ADHD and the successfulness of ADHD treatment. What can be seen though is that gut dysbiosis is a common trait in children suffering with hyperactive disorders and other disorders than fall on the same spectrum. It is thought that before medication is used in ADHD treatment, an investigation should be carried out into the digestive system of the patient to see whether GAPS could help. This would provide an ADHD treatment that would centre on working to improve toxicity levels and avoiding foods like dairy to improve some of the symptoms connected with the condition. ADHD treatment does come in many forms and advice can be sought from GPs, but GAPS does present a possible intervention that parents could follow. With ADHD affecting almost the percent of children it is important to look at all possible options in trying to treat the condition and improve the situation for children as they grow up.


Possible ADHD Treatments