Chronic Colitis & Failure to Thrive

The following GAPS testimonial was very concerning for first time parents of their 9 month old baby girl.  This family came to me when mainstream medical interventions were unsuccessful in treating her condition. With failure to thrive and severe colitis consisting of daily episodes of bloody diarrhoea, the GAPS protocol made all the difference. 

We are into our fifth month on the GAPS protocol for our 14 month old daughter who started to experience severe food intolerances, diarrhoea and colitis shortly after her six month vaccinations. Things became progressively worse as we consulted with doctor after doctor, dietician after dietician. There were no answers and virtually no support for our daughter in the conventional medical system.

By ten months of age, the situation had become so desperate, we were willing to try anything. We heard about the GAPS diet and within 24 hours of implementing the introduction diet, we saw significant improvements in our little girl.  At 14 months, our daughter is active and thriving as she continues on the GAPS diet. We fear to think of the alternative outcome had we not discovered the GAPS protocol.

We are so grateful to the GAPS protocol, Linda’s support, and for the information and products available on the GAPS Australia website. Dr Campbell McBride’s book, Linda’s GAPS companion guide and the GAPS Australia website have been invaluable resources to us. We recommend these resources to any parent or individual embarking on the GAPS diet. The products available on the GAPS Australia website eliminated so much of the research time, and the trial and error involved in sourcing GAPS compliant products. The products are of the highest quality, and the delivery is fantastic.

Linda has been extremely compassionate and supportive beyond the call of duty as only a Mother who has gone through the experience can be. It is obvious that it is more than just a business for Linda, it is very personal.

The GAPS protocol has provided us with hope for a happy and healthy life for our daughter, especially when all seemed hopeless.  Thank you Linda Paterson, thank you Dr Campbell-Mcbride, thank you Elaine Gottschall for being the Mothers that you are.  Each of you have given me renewed hope for a normal, happy and healthy life for my daughter.

Take care,