Liquorice Wheels & Liquorice Leather Wraps

Adapted and inspired by the craft of Amy Sue, these delightful liquorice wheels taste like the real deal and send your kitchen into a frenzy with the adorable liquorice aroma that sets your patience to the test.  With another dehydrator recipe, you will be left with your mouth watering whilst these nutritious treats take time to set.

This recipe should fill 4 dehydrator trays


4 cups of Mejol pitted dates

1 teaspoon of homemade Vanilla Extract

1/4 – 1/2 cup of water

Half a tablespoon of Anise Spice ground from 3 – 4 Star Anise


1. Prepare 3-4 dehydrator trays with teflex sheets and put them aside.

2. Remove the pits from your dates (this is easier when they are at room temperature).

3. Grind your star anise with a mortar and pestle to a very fine powder (or use anise spice ready prepared).

4. Add the dates to the food processor or thermomix and add the water and vanilla extract.  Process the dates until they form a smooth paste.  You may need to run a spoon down the sides a few time sto ensure there is an even blend during the processing.  When a smooth paste has formed, add the ground anise spice and briefly blend again to ensure it is all mixed evenly.

5. Add the paste into a piping bag to create long smooth tube like lines.  Keep the nozzle end close to the sheets to avoid creating wiggly lines.  You may need a little practice first to see what I mean but don’t worry if they are not perfect, they are still going to taste great and once they can be smoothed out slightly during the coiling process.

6.Place the trays in the dehydrator at 115 degrees for approximately 12 hours or until they are ready for shaping but not completely done.  Make sure you do not over do it.  Some may need to dehydrate less than this and others may need to dehydrate a little longer.

7. When the liquorice is pliable enough to shape into coils, gently roll them on the dehydrator sheet to un-stick them from the sheet.  Start shaping your coils by starting from one end continue to curl them flat on the dehydrator sheet.  (They are a little easier to do this if you take the sheet off the tray and lay the sheet flat on the bench).

8. When the coils are tightly bound, place them onto the dehydrator mesh sheet (without the teflex sheet) to complete the drying process at the same temperature for another 8 hours.  The time may differ at times requiring more or less time on different occasions.  You know they are ready when they are dry and not sticky.  Don’t over dry them to the point that unwinding the coil causes the wheel to break.

Individually wrap your liquorice wheels in baking paper and pin with a staple.  If you want to get fancy, you can add your own label and put them in a special bag to give as a special gift made with love.

Alternatively you can make the same recipe in one flat leather slab and cut them with scissors and roll them up.  I call these Liquorice Leather Rolls.  These take much less time and are easy to wrap and roll. 🙂