Linda Has Been There For Me

Seven weeks into the GAPS journey and there’s one thing for certain – our progress would have been much slower and a lot more confusing had we not consulted with Linda both one week prior to beginning the diet, and again for a recent follow up consultation.  There are so many questions I had as a beginner, which Linda answered professionally and with the great wisdom and experience of one who has been there and done that herself.  She has been clear, compassionate and refreshingly helpful, moving me gently forward and guiding me back onto the path should I stray a little.  And her help didn’t end when the consultation ended.  Linda has been there for me right through, answering all sorts of questions I have come up with.  Nothing has been too much trouble for her.  Apart from the relief of having someone there to help me through the practical everyday stuff that arose, the greatest comfort I had was that there was someone on the other end of my computer or phone, who was real and who had, in real life, already succeeded in treating her own son’s condition.  This made it real for me, it kept me focused and motivated.  Especially helpful also, was the GAPS Companion included with our first consultation.  Meticulously compiled by Linda through all of her experience, it is a wealth of extra information.  I have found Linda to be friendly, helpful, patient and most kind.  Thanks to her assistance and professional guidance, now entering week seven, we have already seen some wonderful results in my little boy with autism.