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B is for Beauty and Skin Treatment,

the magic of kefir and coconut


Many of our very expensive skin care products contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) which was a revolutionary discovery for the beauty industry and a product found naturally in fruit acids as well as kefir in the form of lactic acid. The lactic acid found in creams, assist in removing dead skin particles so that the new skin can regenerate. This is particularly beneficial if used regularly and other reports of Alpha Hydroxy Acid has indicated further benefits in  reducing the appearance of wrinkles and scar tissue, and fading of age spots, freckles and pigmentations from sun exposure.
Rather than spend a fortune on all those top shelf beauty products full of harsh destructive chemicals, colours, perfumes, dyes and detergents, AHA is as accessible and close as your fridge or bench top.  Kefir contains all the good AHA without the negative additives and is full of live beneficial bacteria that helps repopulate beneficial flora to your skin.Another miracle beauty tonic is Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut oil. Pure coconut oil has been known to be the best natural skin lotion available.  It prevents free radicals from forming and the damage that can result.  It assists in the prevention of liverspots and other blemishes and it helps keep connective tissues strong and supple so that skin does not sag and wrinkle.  Coconut oil not only brings fast relief but also plays its role in the repair process.  The real benefits of pure coconut oil comes with using it over time.  People with differing skin types will need to apply the oil with different amounts.  The trick it to apply in sparing amounts so that you are not smothering it on, however if you have particularly dry skin, you will need to apply it more regularly throughout the day and over time you will see results.

Here are the basic recipes for making GAPS skin care products

1. Cleanser Place 2 tsp. of dried elder flower, or 1 elder flower tea bag, in a cup of boiling water and steep for five minutes. Strain. Add 2 ½ tbsp. of liquid honey and allow the mixture to cool to room temperature. Add kefir to the cooled mixture and whip for several minutes until a smooth cream forms. To use, apply generously over face and neck and clean off with damp cotton swab. Suits all skin types.

2. Facial Scrub Mix 3 tbsp ground almonds with 1/3 cup of kefir. Apply and leave on for ¼ hour. Gently wash off with warm water. This is excellent for exfoliating face and body. Suitable for sensitive skin.

3. Facial Mask Take, ¾ cup of kefir and 2tbsp warm liquid honey and blend and mix well. Apply the mask and leave on for twenty minutes. This is a great mask for oily skin. Rinse well and apply coconut oil sparingly to the skin to help re-establish the skins natural antimicrobial and acid barrier.

4. Moisturizer Extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil: For the face and body.

6. GAPS Bath Mix ½ – 1 cup Epsom salts and soak for 20-30 minutes.  This can be alternated with apple cider vinegar or seaweed.

7. Kefir Hair Shampoo Beat 1 egg yolk and add ½ cup of kefir.

8. Conditioner Add ½ cup kefir, Mix in 2 tsp. grated lemon rind and ½ tsp. kelp powder. Massage this mixture into the hair and scalp and leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse and shampoo normally, but add a little bit of lemon juice and coconut oil to the rinse water.

Other Remedies

Dandruff: coconut oil helps control dandruff

Nappy rash: coconut oil or kefir

Thrush: apply kefir

Eczema: coconut oil, kefir and avocado

Lip balm: Coconut oil

Cracked nipples: Coconut oil

Cuts, scratches and bites: Coconut oil and aloe vera plant

Sooth sun burn: coconut oil and kefir

Sun protection: coconut oil has been shown to reduce sun burning exposure

Fine lines, blemishes, age spots and pimples: Coconut oil – sparingly


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C is for Cholesterol

Cholesterol and GAPS

Q: My blood cholesterol has tested high since starting the GAPS program and I am concerned with this because GAPS promotes a high fat intake.  Should I be concerned?

A: Dr Natasha wrote her second book ‘Put your Heart in your Mouth’ based on the big cholesterol question.  She advises (along with the Weston A Price Foundation principles) that cholesterol is an important and essential healing agent in the body.  When something has gone wrong in the body, the body will start to produces cholesterol and the liver will send it to the site that is damaged or inflamed in the body so that the cholesterol can do its job in healing.

During the initial stages of the GAPS introduction diet, the production of cholesterol in the body will most likely be activated by the healing crisis in order to deal with free radicals and any inflammation.  Stress caused by the die off reaction will also contribute to the production of cholesterol during the detoxification stages.  Cholesterol and fats play a major role in the healing process.  Any healing taking place involves the birth, growth and functioning of thousands of cells and many of the body’s cells are made up of cholesterol.  When the cells are damaged, they require cholesterol and fats to repair them.  The liver will work hard in sending cholesterol to the damaged site so your blood cholesterol levels will inevitably test high.

In brief, high blood cholesterol means that the body is dealing with some damage and the last thing we want to do is reduce it.  When the damage has been dealt with, the blood cholesterol will drop, however if we have a disease in the body that is constantly causing damage, then the cholesterol will continue to remain high.  When this happens, Doctors should conduct a thorough health investigation to see what is going on in the body because the cholesterol can be identified as a marker telling us that something is not quite right, not an indicator to take cholesterol reducing medications that impair the healing process.  Cholesterol is one of the most important substances in the body, it has healing functions and we cannot live without it or maintain proper brain function.

Dr Natasha’s Heart book refers to a long list of research proving the Diet-Heart Hypothesis wrong.  Her book will help you understand fully how and why heart disease develops and it will dispel the myths associated with cholesterol being the enemy.  It can be a lonely road when challenging mainstream schools of thought, however I do encourage you to research this at the ‘Weston a Price Foundation’ and read Dr Natasha’s book ‘Put your Heart in Your Mouth’ where you can follow up on the research references yourself. Cholesterol is essential to health and a large pool of research and clinical experience supports this.

Buy ‘Put Your Heart in Your Mouth’ Here

E is for Epsom Salts & Magnesium Sulfate

epsom salts 2

Epsom Salts by Linda Paterson

Epsom salts are regarded as a significant detoxification intervention practice for the GAPS Protocol and are composed of both magnesium and sulfate (sulphate).

Magnesium is highly regarded as a significantly important mineral in the body that provides numerous metabolic functions such as the production of energy, muscle and nerve function and the production of neurotransmitters.  The relaxing effects of magnesium provide a calming reaction to the nervous system whilst also contributing to the functions of mood, mental function and energy levels.  Many studies have shown a strong correlation between Magnesium deficiencies in autism and other GAPS conditions.  Further studies conducted by Dr. D Sarah Myhill shows that red cell magnesium levels are low in people with chronic fatigue syndrome, and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, however supplementing with Epsom salts have shown symptomatic improvements.  This is also known to be true for other GAPS conditions especially for ADD, ADHD and other known behavioural problems.   Whilst it is true that Epsom Salts can increase the magnesium levels in the body, vitamin D is necessary for the body to utilise it, hence the importance in following the GAPS supplementation protocol and supplementing with Fermented Cod Liver Oil.

Sulfate /Sulphate is important for detoxification , gut permeability and assists in regulating hormone production.  Sulphate is needed to process salicylates, phenols, chemicals and heavy metals.  People with little or no ability to produce sulphate, therefore struggle to detoxify these chemicals and result in unpleasant tantrums, aggression, sleep problems, hyperness, night sweats, skin conditions like eczema etc.  Sulfate is needed to detoxify chemicals contained in certain foods we consume, medications we use or environmental fumes we ingest.  Lack of sulphate results in toxic injury.  Many studies support the notion that autism and GAPS related conditions have depleted levels of sulphate in the body and therefore would benefit from the absorption of sulfer in the form of Epsom Salt baths.

Studies on the benefits of Epsom salts have shown the following outcomes


  • Reduce the affects of stress
  • Improve sleep
  • Assist in muscles and nerves function
  • Regulate enzyme activity
  • prevent hardening of the arteries and blood clots
  • Improve the effectiveness of insulin
  • Reduce inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps


  • Flush toxins
  • Improve absorption of nutrients
  • Help form joint proteins, brain tissue and mucin proteins
  • Help prevent or ease migraine headaches
  • Bathing in Epsom salts is a safe and easy way to increase sulfate and magnesium levels in the body.

Bathing in Epsom salts is a safe and effective way to increase sulfate and magnesium levels in the body.

Methods for supplementing Epsom Salts.

Epsom salt baths Dr Natasha Campbell-Mc Bride suggests using ½ to 1 cup of Epsom salts per bath, however others have reported  good results from one to two cups per tub. A study by Dr RH Waring  revealed that most people found maximal benefit by bathing 2 or 3 times/week, using 500-600g Epsom salts each time. Simply dissolve the salts in hot water first and then fill the tub to about waist deep, as warm as possible. Regardless of salt ratio suggestions, you may tamper with the levels to find what works best and this can depend on the individual tolerance and water temperature.  Severe deficiencies can reveal negative reactions, such as irritability or hyperactivity, and this will indicate the need to decrease the amount of salts until they can be better tolerated. You may need to start with as little as one tablespoon of salts, and work up gradually. Epsom salts baths are very calming for most people and it is relaxing to have a bath before bed.

General guidelines recommend soaking for soak 20 minutes or more for optimum benefits and only pat drying so that some of the salts are left on the skin to absorb. If the salts become itchy or irritating on the skin, just rinse it off and dry normally. If the skin feels too dry, use coconut oil to moisturize. Drinking the Epsom Salts may result in Diarrhoea or loose stools and this is not encouraged.

Spray – Mix one part salts and one part hot water and pour into a spray-squirt bottle. Spray directly on the skin.  This method is acceptable in summer.

Homemade lotion –Heat some Epsom salts with a little water to dissolve them. I put about one teaspoon of water in three tablespoons of salts and microwave for a minute or so. Add more water if necessary. Then mix in some coconut oil or aloe vera gel.   You may need to experiment with ratios. Apply to skin.


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E is for Enemas

Large Intestine
Large Intestine

Enemas: When constipation occurs some people cannot move their bowels for several days.  If constipation persists for longer than 36 hours it becomes extremely harmful for the whole body.  Waste materials such as impacted faeces, dead cellular tissue, accumulated mucous, parasites and worms accumulate in the bowel to provide a breeding ground for the development of a variety of digestive disorders.   These materials are very toxic for the body and can re-enter and circulate in the blood stream making people sick, tired and very weak.  Diet coupled with probiotics and an enema, provide effective treatment in addressing the problems of constipation and assist in detoxifying the body.  In many cases, the constipation is resolved through oral Probiotic treatment and implementation of the GAPS diet.

Enemas provide:

  • Effective and prompt relief from consistent constipation.
  • Cleans out the faecal compaction from the bowel and reducing the toxins formed by the accumulating putrefaction.
  • Provides a means to introduce beneficial bacteria.
  • The gentle filling and emptying of the colon improves peristaltic (muscular contraction) activity by which the colon naturally moves material.

Most enema procedures direct the patient to lie on the left side to take their enemas, however  Dr. Campbell-McBride wanted the patient to lie on their right side. This position, allowed gravity to assist in the flow of the Probiotic past the descending colon, just around the “corner” of the splenic flexure, and into the transverse colon for higher penetration and better release of toxic faeces.

Be sure to provide 3-4 Bio-Kult capsules to the enema to repopulate the large intestine with friendly bacteria.

If you or your child are consistently constipated with an extended tummy and are afraid to conduct an enema, you can go to a certified registered colon Hydrotherapist / Irrigationist and ask them to assist you in giving an enema because it is important not to leave a person constipated for longer than 36 hours because it is very toxic for the whole body.    They should also be able to advise you on where to buy an enema kit.

Click here to go to the Australian Colon Health Association’ to find a registered Colon Irrigationist / Hydrotherapist in your area.  If you ask your Colon Hydrotherapist, they can add some probiotics to your enema to repopulate the bowel.  It is important to see your Dr if constipation persists.  Ebay often sells enema kits at a low price.

Many serious diseases can be averted through this gentle efficient technique. Enemas are a key factor in the GAPS Protocol for restoration of the body’s natural balance and overall quest for vibrant health.

P is for Pain Relief


When implementing the GAPS introduction diet, the body begins to eliminate stored toxins which release poisons causing a die off symptoms.  The severity of the symptoms depends on the amount of toxins stored in the body and can range from headaches, fever, cold/flu, skin eruptions, either constipation or diarrhoea, lethargy, depression, irritability, frequent urination, vomiting, leg cramps and tummy pain.  Although these symptoms can be quite abrupt for some people, it is important that the retracing process is not interrupted or stopped by the use of medications.

Many people confuse these symptoms with allergies or food sensitivities within the first two to three days and attempt to stop the healing process before it is concluded and consequently not allowing the first important phase to complete its task to recuperate.  The body should allow at least 10 days for the first phase to complete and this can be longer for others who have more severe conditions.

If you feel you need to use some kind of pain relief during this stage, then understand that this is medication and that the retracing process and recovery time will take a little longer.  We want to reserve the body’s energy to retrace and heal, not contribute to the toxic load and increase work load to eradicate it.

Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride recommends that children use soluble aspirin for reducing pain and inflammation so long as there is no allergy to aspirin.  When a child runs a fever it is the bodies own state of homeostatus which is a natural system that allows the body to heal itself, however if the temperature is raised higher than 38 degrees Celcius (100 F) the temperature needs to be reduced as it can become dangerous and this is when aspirin is recommended.

Australia and New Zealand stoped prescribing Aspirin to children because of a rare condition called Reye’s syndrome yet many other medications and chemicals our children are exposed to can cause this condition.  In addition to reducing pain and all types of inflammation, aspirin will also improve blood circulation in the body and works very well in the relief of painful ear infections.

Soluble Aspirin directions for children

Buy small 75mg soluble aspirin tablets and dissolve half the tablet in warm water.  You can mix some honey with it which might enhance the taste a little or add it to a cup of hot herbal tea.  (Australia and New Zealand both stock the Aspro Clear brand.   Each Aspro Clear tablet contain 300mg of aspirin so you will need to break it in half (150mg) and then break off a quarter (75mg) to get the right dose.

Make sure your child has eaten something first because it is important not to give on an empty stomach or it can upset and irritate the stomach lining.

Caution: Always consult your doctor before using aspirin if you or your child has a rare genetic condition or liver or kidney impairment.

Please refer to page 219 in the GAPS book for further information about Aspirin and management of ear infections.

O is for Oil Pull

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a traditional medicine native to the Indian Subcontinent and has since been adopted by people in the West for its alleged health benefits. In the oil pulling procedure, someone takes a small amount of a neutral, unrefined oil and swishes it back and forth in the mouth for 20 minutes before rinsing well and drinking several glasses of water. It is important not to swallow any of the oil because it will be very toxic and these toxins can be seen and assessed if the waste is placed under a microscope. Dr Campbell McBride suggests using cold pressed extra virgin olive oil for an oil pull after going to the dentist to rid of any impurities and toxins used during dental treatment.

If performed on a regular basis, oil pulling is supposed to promote oral health as well as general physical health, although sceptics have pointed out that oil pulling has not been supported by any controlled scientific studies.

According to Dr Karach, oil pulling, is supposed to pull toxins out of the body. They claim that as the oil is swished in the mouth, it removes toxins from the veins and gums, turning white and foamy. This practice, also known as oil swishing, is supposed to be performed on an empty stomach, ideally in the morning. Some practitioners promote brushing the teeth with a fluoride free tooth brush after oil pulling to remove the slick texture of the oil. Drinking water after the procedure is also important, according to practitioners.  The following extract has been taken from an article written by Dr. F Karach who explains simple healing process using cold-pressed oils (http://www.oilpulling.com/index.htm).

The Oil-therapy heals totally headaches, bronchitis, tooth pain, thrombosis, eczema, ulcers, intestinal diseases, heart and kidney diseases, encephalitis and woman’s diseases. Preventively the growth of malignant tumors is cut and healed. Chronic blood diseases, paralysis, diseases of nerves, stomach, lungs and liver and sleeplessness are cured.

Step1: First thing in the morning on an empty stomach and before drinking any liquids (including water), pour exactly one tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil into your mouth.

Step 2: Swish the oil around in your mouth without swallowing it. Move it around in your mouthand through your teeth, as if it was mouthwash (don’t tilt your head back to gargle though). You’ll find that the oil will start to get watery as your saliva mixes with it. Relax your jaw muscles and use your tongue to help move the liquid around the inside of your mouth. Also rest the oil just inside your mouth in front of your teeth and lips and around the gums.

Step3: As the end of the oil pulling session approaches, you may notice the oil/saliva mixture in your mouth has become thicker. This is quite normal, since it is pulling out toxins from your body. When 10 – 20 minutes is up, spit out the oil. Don’t be alarmed if it has changed colour–this is also normal.

Step4: Rinse out your mouth a couple of times with warm water and spit.

V is for Vaccination


The flu vaccination scandal in WA was bad enough but now the news reveals the death of a two year old Brisbane girl just 12 hours after her vaccination in April 2010.  Coincidence: I think not.  With GAPS conditions reaching epidemic proportions we have to educate ourselves of the risks involved to our children and to our own health.  All individuals presenting with GAPS have a compromised immune system which do not react to environmental insults in a normal way.  Vaccinations are a massive insult to the immune system and should only be considered for healthy individuals who meet the proposed vaccination procedure set out by Dr Campbell Mc Bride on page 60.

My son was advised by our first paediatrician to have the meningococcal vaccine when he was 2 months old which required two boosters shortly after that.  This is when he became inconsolable and would not let us touch him (first signs of autism).  The result of immune system injury emerged from  3 additional vaccines shortly after the age of two months compared to the rest of Australia who were not scheduled to have this shot until they were 12 months.  My daughter had a vaccine in Primary school which resulted in facial paralysis and extreme pain and pins and needles in her arms.

Please refer to Page. 60 in the GAPS book to educate yourself on the appropriate vaccination precautions.  We have provided you with further links below to aid you with further resources to educate yourself  with vaccination and its harmful consequences.

Click here for New Zealand Vaccination Support Network

Click here for Australian Vaccination Support Network

Click here for Vaccination Information Services

W is for Worming treatment options for GAPS

Vermox: Treating  Threadworm, Hookworm, Pinworm & Roundworm

Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride recommends Vermox 100mg (Mebendazole) for treating common worms like hookworms, pinworms and some round worms.  Threadworm is also easily treated with Vermox.

Symptoms of threadworms, pinworms etc

Threadworms cause an irritable itch and discomfort around the anus and they have been known to interrupt ones sleep.  Other signs show a loss in appetite, irritability and in some cases with large infestations, pain and cramping in the middle of the abdomen, particularly after eating first thing in the morning.  When the itching stops, you are safe to assume that the threadworms have been killed.  Threadworm does not cause disease but it can cause urinary tract infections and bedwetting.  Threadworm can also be viewed upon inspection via visible movement observed in a stool or by the use of a torch at night or early in the morning.  The worms can easily be seen upon inspection with a torch directed at the anus.

Hookworms can present symptoms of persistent anaemia and bouts of an irritating dry cough caused by the larvae travelling up the throat to be swallowed again. Hookworms have a strong attachment to the linings of the intestine and draw on blood and tissue juices from their human host. The hookworm maintains a strong attachment to the intestine which makes it difficult to be dislodged by passing faecal matter.

The average adult hookworm is 10mm in length and the female can lay between 10,000 and 25000 eggs per day which will hatch after just 2 days followed by an infective stage 5 days later.  Some symptoms may present as diarrhoea, a rash, abdominal pain, intestinal cramps, colic, and nausea. If the number of worms becomes very large, however, a person can develop anaemia because of the blood and tissue juices consumed by the hookworm.  0.1mL of blood per day is the estimate volume consumed by an adult hookworm so you can imagine an infestation of 2000 hookworms in the body and the result of 200mLs of blood loss a day.  Further complications are then identified if the host is a child which has been known to cause growth retardation.

Fortunately, hookworm can be treated with Vermox.

The general dosage guidelines advised by Vermox at wormtreatment.com comply with GAPS recommendations below.

Dosage: Two Vermox tablets each day (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening) for 3 days to treat an adult or a child aged 2 to 12 years, irrespective of their age, weight or size. Some children may find it easier to take the tablet if you crush it up or mix it with food or drink. Repeat this dose again in 10 – 14 days to ensure that all eggs are killed.  Vermox treatment will kill off the adult worms in the intestines at the time of treatment but the eggs in the environment are likely to hatch over the following weeks, therefore requiring a second dose to break their life cycle.  The chances of reinfestation can be reduced if the floors and bathrooms are kept clean and bed linen and clothing are washed in hot water.  It should go without saying that it is best to treat the whole family at the same time.

Worms are almost impossible to eradicate due to their clever existence within our environment and they generally always come back.  Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride advises that whilst herbal remedies and preparations for worm treatments work, they are only effective whilst you are taking them and they return when you stop treatment, just as it is true for Vermox.  The only difference is that Vermox will do the job in 1 to 3 days whilst herbal treatments can take months.

Tapeworms are difficult to treat and Vermox does not address them.  Your Doctor would be the best person to discuss this treatment approach because medication will be required and this can then be followed up with herbal remedies.  Tape worm infestation can have intestinal or invasive complications.  If intestinal tapeworms grow large enough they can block bile ducts, appendix or pancreatic duct and cause problems for those organs.  Invasive tapeworm infections complicate matters through impairment of the brain and the central nervous system.  Invasive pork tapeworm infection can result in headaches and visual impairment, seizures, meningitis, hydrocephalus, dementia and death.  The disruption of organs and consequent serious complications are also concerning when the larvae migrate to tissues or organs in the body.

Dr Natasha Campbell McBride has a philosophy in treating worms and advises ‘if they affect your health, then it is a good idea to fight them but if they do not present with symptoms, then there is no need to address them as they are a part of your inner eco-system and may fulfil some useful roles, such as regulating immunity and preventing autoimmune disease.
For further information on intestinal worms and Vermox as a treatment go to the following link: www.wormtreatment.com

We have searched online chemists to find you the cheapest link to purchase Vermox: http://homepharmacy.com.au/products/products_list.cfm?DepartmentID=1&CategoryID=134


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