GAPS Protocol Changed Our Life

Dear Linda,

Last night I read the story you wrote about your son and what you went through. It is incredible to me now, particularly having read your story, how many others have been and are currently going through what we are going through. Every symptom of your sons was and is, identical to my son. The sleeping issues that started at about 6 weeks of age that got worse by the day, the inconsolable screaming, the touching from us that tipped him over the edge…everything.

Reading your story completely overwhelmed me and to be honest, I struggled to get through it. I felt like I was reading about my own little boy. It’s the same for us now too…the GAPS Protocol that we really just stumbled across has changed our life. As with you, our kitchen has so much more meaning now. We are both cooking like you wouldn’t believe and little Jake who only 5 weeks ago would eat almost nothing we gave him, is eating everything we give him and more. We simply cannot cook quick enough!
It has changed our life and his progress is incredible. He is so much calmer, his tantrums and meltdowns have gone from what was 2 or 3 a day to maybe 1 per week. He is engaging in eye contact and starting to listen to answers, asking questions and more. The dark marks around his eyes have gone and in one eye he had what appeared to be a kind of water mark, that to has gone. Even a drop of water on his finger that was sending him reeling is a thing of the past. He is playing in a little childrens pool and loves being squirted with the hose.

On Wednesday, he starts with a psychologist who specialises with Autistic children, for speech and behaviour therapy so I am really hoping that this will bring about the changes that will make to biggest difference to him socially.  The affectionate little boy who we feared was gone is very much on his way back to us and we are loving every minute of it.  I know I have said it before but, thank you so much for your ongoing support, guidance and advice for without it, I don’t know what state I or my wife, or my son for that matter would be in.

Regards Andrew