Linda Helped me Understand

“I was initially daunted when I read the Gaps book by Dr N. Campbell-McBride and could not see how I could implement so many aspects of the introductory diet on my own so I was relieved when I learnt that Linda offered a consultancy service to support and guide me through the process.

I was so pleased to get a quick response from her when I emailed and found that she was never far away when I sent an S.O.S as I was preparing and working through the protocol. Linda answered any question that was asked of her and always researched anything that was new to her, being prompt with her reply.

Linda helped me understand the reasoning behind the diet at times when I felt I could cut corners that just seemed too hard.  Linda really helped me sustain my motivation and cheered me along at every stage I was able to conquer, she really empathised with  how tough it was at times as she herself as a mother had traveled this road herself.

I found Linda  a warm and supportive mentor who was happy to share ideas and personal experiences of her own to make things easier. If you are doing the gaps protocol, I recommend you  invest in all she has to offer which is a lot for the small charge and all the hard work she puts in to getting you across the line.”

Rosie,  Victoria Australia