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Autism News

  • Psychology Today

    Autism at Work began as the idea to identify what autistic people are really good at, provide some supports, and let them do those things better than anyone.

  • The Australian

    The average NDIS support package for children with developmental delays is now less than half what was budgeted and autistic children are also receiving less ...

  • Science Daily

    Researchers have conducted the first population-based study of suicidality in individuals with ASD in the United States. The 20-year retrospective study found ...

  • Medical Xpress

    In an Autism Research study of 36 newly employed adults with autism spectrum disorder who were participating in a supported employment program, positive ...

  • Queensland Times

    The five year-old will start Prep at Woodcrest State College on Tuesday and is looking forward to playing with his new classmates and meeting his teacher.

  • The Japan Times

    A group of researchers in Japan is hoping to make available for use as a nasal spray a drug to improve symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, or ASD. The gr.

  • ABC News

    Nothing had prepared Tracey Stewart for her daughter's diagnosis, thanks to Jessica's expert masking of the warning signs. But suddenly everything made ...


    Based on a 20-year population study in Utah, researchers have discovered that among individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), suicides, though rare, ...

  • ABC News

    Blake McKenzie has autism and used to bolt without warning when in open areas — but thanks to Poppy, his safety is now much more assured.

  • Spectrum

    Children who contract serious infections may have an increased likelihood of being diagnosed with autism.

Autoimmunity News

  • Scope

    Research has found that an antigen in some variants of the flu virus and vaccine can, in rare cases, trigger an autoimmune response leading to narcolepsy.

  • Insurance Business UK

    Willis Towers Watson expert on five ways to boost the corporate immune system.

  • Rheumatology Advisor

    Researchers assessed the safety, biologic, and clinical effects of low-dose interleukin-2 across 11 individual diseases chosen to represent the whole spectrum ...

  • Now To Love

    There are thought to be around 100 different autoimmune illnesses in existence, but each shares a common link – they all arise from the body's immune system ...

  • USC News

    Denis Evseenko, center, leads a research team at CarthroniX that works on anti-inflammatory and regenerative drugs that may work against autoimmune ...

  • Lupus Foundation of America

    Research from Yale University uncovers an important link between diet, gut bacteria and autoimmunity.

  • Benzinga

    Small-cap biotech Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: RIGL)'s shares were advancing Wednesday after it announced an agreement to commercialize ...

  • Cancer Network

    The presence of pre-existing autoimmune antibodies was associated with improved clinical benefit but worse immune-related adverse events (irAEs) among ...

  • Science Daily

    Researchers have created a method for modifying blood stem cells to reverse the genetic mutation that causes a life-threatening autoimmune syndrome called ...

  • Multiple Sclerosis News Today

    A small molecule called Sephin1 showed promise in limiting autoimmune response and delaying harm to nerve cells in a mouse model for MS.

Latest News

Detoxification News

  • Newsmax

    Detoxification is carried out by a number of mechanisms (including the immune system) that the body uses to neutralize poisons and/or remove them from the ...

  • South China Morning Post

    The digital detox is invaluable in preparing for that dreadful day when you break your smartphone, or drop it in the sea.

  • Business Insider Australia

    The idea of a detox is alluring in the first week of a new year. After the holiday onslaught of booze and decadent treats, detox diets and supplements appear to ...

  • EurekAlert

    Aflatoxins are secondary metabolites produced by fungi of the genus Aspergillus, which occur naturally in cereals like corn, beans and rice. Aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) ...


    Hello Everyone,. Happy to announce and invite you all to a 3 week Free Meditation Course at. Heartfulness Center. Participants will be able to work through 3 ...


    A liver cleanse and detox could be the key to good health. Learn how to support your liver in a healthy way, as well as 13 foods that improve liver health.

  • Bold Outline

    Detox diets range from total starvation fasts to juice fasts to food modification approaches and often involve the use of laxatives, diuretics.

  • NDTV News

    A bowlful of green mango, carrots, broccoli rabe, mung bean sprouts and lime could serve as a perfect detox meal.

  • Long Island Press

    Get rid of negativity in your life. Fill that New Year's cup with positivity instead. “Detoxication is essential and will welcome you into a new year that will give you a ...

  • Jamaica Gleaner

    We are living in a society where almost everything we consume is fake. There are fake foods, fake water, fake hair, fake body parts, and even fake news.We are ...


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