Effective ADD treatments that could make a Difference

Effective ADD treatments that could make a Difference

ADD refers to a condition known as attention deficit disorder and is more or less exactly as it sounds. Children with ADD may seem inattentive and as though they are not listening to what you are saying. Providing adequate ADD treatment has always focused on managing the behaviour of a child with the disorder with medication and with behaviour management techniques but there are a number of ADD treatments that can and do work. There are also some other suggestions that might help of you are looking for an effective ADD treatment that will make a real difference.

Existing methods to treat ADD

The parent is ultimately the person that manages the ADD treatment of their child and makes the decisions about what is and isn’t working. Most parents will look for a number of ways to manage their child’s behaviour until they find a technique that is suitable, but sometimes a number of ADD treatments in conjunction with one another seem to work best. Some notable ADD treatments include:

  • Building in a routine for the child to follow daily
  • Ensuring that the child eats a balanced diet
  • Creating opportunities to go outside and enjoy exercise
  • Improving sleeping patterns

The importance of diet in treating ADD

There are behavioural intervention strategies that may also be employed to improve behaviours as and when they happen, just as there are ADD treatments that incorporate therapy into their programme. Diet does seem to be a key issue, though, and one that deserves sufficient attention. ADD can often be linked with other neuro-psychological issues or psychiatric disorders. More than this though, ADD can often be seen alongside some physical illnesses as well. It has been suggested that before ADD treatment begins, the health of the child’s gut and digestive system should be considered so that it can be determined whether there are dietary problems that need to be addressed. Often, digestive problems can be seen in children and adults with ADD and similar disorders. Given this relationship, GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome/Gut and Physiology Syndrome) suggests that it is important to provide an ADD treatment that improves gut flora and the health of the digestive system to improve other symptoms.

Restoring the health of the gut as an ADD treatment

ADD treatment that focuses on the digestive system may include a restoration of healthy bacteria in the gut so that much needed vitamins can be synthesised. An ADD treatment that is more robust in this way is thought to be able to deal with lots of the symptoms associated with ADD and other conditions or illnesses that the sufferer is experiencing which is why attention is being given to this area of treatment.


Effective ADD treatments that could make a Difference