Autism ABA in treating children with Autism

Autism ABA in treating children with Autism

Autism ABA refers to a course of treatment that involves therapy delivered to a child with Autism on a one to one basis. ABA stands for applied behavioural analysis and look to provide behavioural intervention to alter and improve the behaviour of a child with autism. Autism ABA is only one method of treatment for autistic children, however. There are lots of ideas about how autism is developed and how it began. There are lots of theories about why it is mainly male children in autism aba programmes and why female children may be underrepresented in autism aba programmes.  There does not seem to be a distinctive answer and but what we do know is that autism is difficult to treat and that there are plenty of schools of thought that exist around what the best kind of behavioural intervention should be.

How ABA works

Autism aba can be used to treat children at all levels of functioning to improve their quality of life. Autism aba can also be used to modify inappropriate behaviours or make difficult behaviour more manageable at home and at school. The principles of autism aba are based on the following:

  • Discreet trial testing
  •  Repetition
  •  Prompting
  • Reinforcement.

The supporters of the autism aba method believe that lots of different skills can be taught in this way and that children can really start to alter the way that they communicate and deal with stressful situations.

How Improvements in Diet could help

It has been suggested, though, that a better diet, or one that incorporates S.boulardii  can fight the harmful toxins that might be found in the gut of a child with autism so that their physical wellbeing may be improved, which may affect the symptoms associated with autism.  This product can be given as a dietary supplement and can help to restore the health of the gut. For children with autism, it can be hard to find the methods that can and do work and so much can be a matter of trial and error. It is valuable to know though that there are lots of methods to try that can work alongside autism aba to help achieve the greatest benefits. These methods can be used as well as autism aba, rather than instead of.

Autism ABA in treating children with Autism