Vitamin, Mineral and Amino Acids

FIVE.  Vitamin, Mineral and Amino Acid


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Dr Campbell-McBride prescribes Seagreens Seaweed to almost all of her patients once the digestive system starts starts to show signs of healing.  Seagreens is a natural source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other important nutrients.  The improvements seen in GAPS patients who take Seagreens include improved stamina, energy, and better memory and skin. 

Seagreens has the innate ability to bind to heavy metals and chelate them from the body naturally, address essential amino acid deficiencies, improve mineral imbalances, increase thyroid function, assist in alkalising acid forming foods in the condition of Acidosis, support the lymphatic system and rejuvenate the lungs and GI tract.

Seagreens food products are made from wild seaweeds from remote conservation islands in Scotland and Norway and represent a whole food that cannot be artificially formulated.

Seagreens naturally balanced range of nutrients is more comprehensive than land-grown foods, and is rich in all the micronutrients missing from processed foods, and even from organic land foods. Seagreens represents a progressive step forward from unbalanced, synthetic multivitamins as well as common kelp and other freshwater algae products whose nutritional profiles are less balanced than Seagreens.

Seagreens produce only pure nutritional supplements of the finest food quality, from their sustainable harvesting of wild shallow water wrack seaweeds which we call Seagreens. They are outstanding sea vegetables that contain a uniquely comprehensive balance of nutrients with no excessive components as often found in synthetic supplements or deep water kelp (Laminaria).

Seagreens harvest three closely related species of brown wild shallow water wrack seaweed. These distinct varieties are more nutrient dense and balanced than any other species. Only fresh, living wild plants are harvested, cleaned, air-dried and immediately cracked, milled, micronised or puréed to produce a range of convenient, digestible forms. Nothing is extracted or added.

This product is a good source of natural Iodine within safe RDA recommendations for general adult population. If you are taking thyroid medication, please consult with your certified healthcare practitioner before use.


Summarised Intake Food Capsules Food Granuals When
Adults and Children


¼ teaspoon

First meal daily
Children under 10


1/8 teaspoon

First meal daily
Infants 6 months – 4 years

1 ½ – 1

1/8 teaspoon

Main meal daily
Therapeutic Dose


½ teaspoon

Take the therapeutic amount for 6 months and then reduce to  the maintenance dose
Severe Nutrition Therapy


¾ – 1 ½

As prescribed

IMPORTANT POINT: The GAPS book lists seaweed on the list of foods to avoid, however. Dr. Campbell-McBride advised that these foods are compiled for people with severe digestive problems such as profuse diarrhea, ulcerations, etc. When these symptoms are gone and your digestive system has improved, you can introduce Seagreens to increase your intake of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Due to GAPS severe vitamin, mineral, amino acid deficiencies, it is recommended to increase the dose slowly in order to control any die off reaction.

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