GAPS Tools & Templates

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Click here for your own PDF Weekly Meal Planner copy

The GAPS Meal Planner provides you with some samples and options to choose from when in the full GAPS diet.

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Click here for your own PDF Weekly Meal Planner Template

The GAPS Weekly Meal Planner Template allows you to record your own menu plan for the week so that you are organised ahead of schedule.

These tools will allow you to know what food to prepare and what you will need to compile your shopping list.  Meal planning takes out a lot of the stress when meal decisions become overwhelming on any given day.  Meal planning also allows you to know what foods you need to prepare ahead of time like soaking nuts, making sauerkraut or grinding flour.   If you allow yourself to become organised you will not get so frazzled when adapting and adopting to a new way of cooking and eating.