Do you have GAPS?

If you answered yes to any of the GAPS Self-Assessment Questions, you are in the right place and need to learn more about the GAPS program and what services, support and products we can help you with to implement the program.  We have compliled the following list to assist you in finding the best resources to help you get started.  Don’t forget to scroll down to the end of the page to view our list of GAPS conditions.

A Certified GAPS Practitioner can assist you further with a more detailed GAPS Nutrition Analysis with a tailored GAPS Nutrition Intervention Plan.  Please visit our clinic.

  • Information about GAPS

    Read and understand how GAPS conditions ermerge and what the GAPS Protocol is all about.

  • GAPS Books

    Dr Natasha Campbell McBride has written many GAPS books.  Please view them at our online store.

  • GAPS 101: Online Learning Course

    This online learning program contains a rich source of knowledge, resources, tools and templates aimed to assist the GAPS family to feel confident in implementating their own GAPS journey.

  • GAPS Clinic

    The GAPS Australia Clinic was first established in 2008.  Please view our consultation packages.

  • Free Ebook

    Sign up to our newsletter and recieve our free GAPS Orientation Guide Ebook

  • Supplementation Guide

    View the recommended Supplements for the GAPS Diet based on Dr Natasha’s recommendations with our’Supplementation Guide’

  • Online GAPS Support Forum

    Join our online GAPS support forum and seek support amongst other GAPS families and GAPS practitioners.

  • GAPS Online Store

    Please visit and browse our store. $5 COUPON CODE: GAPS4ME (case sensitive) when purchased over $60.  Valid for one time use.

  • Our GAPS Retreats

    Learn all you need to know to implement the GAPS diet whilst being pampered and nourished at the same time.

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