Linda Paterson

Certified GAPS Practitioner - Managing Director and Founder of GAPS Diet Australia

Bachelor of Health Science (Leisure & Health) Writing programs for people with Developmental Disabilities and Specific Needs, Certified GAPS Practitioner,
Founder & Managing Director at GAPS Diet Australia
Course Content Training Module Writer & GAPS Advisor Committe Member for Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride

Linda Paterson is the founder of ‘GAPS Diet Australia’ and the ‘GAPS Clinic’ (first established 2008) and dedicates much of her time in helping families to learn about the GAPS Protocol. The GAPS Clinic emerged from Linda’s personal experience in effectively treating her own son diagnosed with autism with the GAPS Protocol. Linda is a proud mother of two GAPS children who have played pinnacle roles in the shaping of her work and heart to establish the ability to share and impact the GAPS community in a passionate and supportive way.

Linda holds a Bachelor of Health Science with honors in the field of Developmental Disabilities & writing programs for people with specific needs. Her studies in health and nutrition, coupled with her GAPS clinical experience in treating GAPS disorders have allowed her to deliver specialised GAPS intervention programs as a GAPS nutrition expert. Prior to this, Linda has also enjoyed working in both government and non-government health service organisations in the disability and mental health field for over 16 years providing a cross reference of experience associated with a broad variety of mental health issues and developmental disorders.

Linda has worked closely with Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride in the preparation and delivery of the Certified GAPS Practitioner Training Courses for Australia and New Zealand since 2012 and has since become an honorary member of her GAPS Global Advisory Committee with responsibilities in developing and writing course training modules whilst assisting with the delivery of the new global online Certified GAPS Practitioner Training Program and Certified GAPS Advisory Course.

With over ten years of clinical experience with GAPS, Linda’s inspiration to deliver a GAPS retreat to support families and individuals on their GAPS journey has finally come to light.

I am very excited to launch our first GAPS Retreat with some wonderful ladies that I am grateful to have join me to help nourish and nurture our guests. It is our aim to provide a welcoming atmosphere where individuals can be coached by Certified GAPS Practitioners, employ detoxification strategies, attend GAPS education and cooking classes, indulge in GAPS nourishing cuisine and surround yourself with like-minded people.

The goal of this program is not only to advise and equip individuals with their own GAPS journey but to also allow guests to be pampered and spiritually nourished at the same time. We want you to leave the farm feeling inspired and mentally empowered to implement the program whilst feeling nourished and well.

I welcome you to join us.

Linda Paterson