Amanda Davis

Bachelor Applied Science 4yrs (Physiotherapy) 2001
Kinergetics Kinesiology Practitioner
Certified GAPS Practitioner
Currently completing Certificate in Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP)

We are very fortunate to have Amanda Davis join our GAPS Retreat team. Amanda has direct experience with the GAPS Protocol both professionally and personally and has also assisted Linda in delivering the Certified GAPS Practitioner Training Course.

Amanda has always been interested in the big questions in life and wanted to be of service to others as a long-term path. Amanda began her career as a Physiotherapist in Sydney before travelling to work in the UK. When she returned home she began work in Private Practice and very quickly realised that there was much more to health and healing than she had been taught at University. This sparked her interest in nutrition and her studies in Kinesiology, whilst opening her own Private Practice Back In Balance Physiotherapy in Collaroy, Sydney. The focus of her practice was to “treat the whole person” and was an early adopter of holistic nutrition principles and kinesiology techniques in a Physiotherapy Practice.

Amanda has since relocated to the Byron Bay Shire and has completed her GAPS Certification. This allows her to incorporate gut health, detox and lifestyle change into her sessions. Amanda’s main passion now is with chronic pain and disease and her mission is to support her clients on their journey towards vibrant health, self-connection, balance and wellbeing with her unique skill set.

Amanda’s welcoming words

Completing the Gaps Practitioner Certification course has given me an in-depth view on the connection between our food, lifestyle and microbiome/gut health. It has been an empowering process to implement personally and within my family and private practice. It will be my privilege to welcome you to the first GAPS Diet Australia Retreat and to assist Linda and the team over the weekend’s offerings. Every step we take to improve our health has wide-reaching ripple effects. So, it is not just you who benefits but also your family, friends, and community. We need this information in our lives, we need healthy adults, children and a healthy planet, and the GAPS Protocol specifically helps us achieve this. Enjoy, relax and be empowered with all that you learn and experience here. Your gut will thank you in immeasurable ways!

Amanda Davis