Julie Philips

B.A.R.M., Certified GAPS Practitioner, Dip Shiatsu & Oriental Medicine, Certifications in:- Kinesiology, Dynamic Healing, Reflexology, Chi Massage, Powerpoint healing, Counselling, Chinese Medicine, Chinese food dietetics, Whole Food Medicine.

I am delighted to introduce you to Julie Phillips who has been working with me in supporting families at GAPS Groups as well as in a referral capacity for over 6 years.  Julie also has accompanied us on several occasions to support the delivery of our previous GAPS Practitioner Training Course Conferences.  With much success in treating families on the GAPS Protocol, I am so pleased that Julie was as excited as we are to join our retreat team.

Over the last 30 years, Julie Phillips has studied a vast array of food as medicine protocols, here in Australia and also regularly overseas. These include Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics, Weston A Price (She’s been a chapter leader for nearly 20 years), food as medicine, detoxing, fermenting, juicing and many more, including becoming a GAPS practitioner. Julie has recently returned from a 2 week intensive training course in the UK on juicing, detoxing and emotional healing and will be heading overseas again for further training in 2 months.

Julie’s Welcoming Words

It’s such a joy to have the opportunity to share with you the healing GAPS protocol, especially in such relaxing and peaceful surroundings as this organic farm location. On this retreat you’ll feel emotionally and physically nourished, whilst learning the potentially life-healing information I will be sharing with you.

When I first completed the GAPS training I was so excited (and still am) at how this program is such a brilliant merging of the multitude of food as medicine modalities I’ve studied. The results from my clients on GAPS have been so heartwarming as – they’ve healed issues they’d been told were ‘incurable’, children with Autism have started to speak for the first time, emotional fears around food and food allergies/sensitivities have all resolved etc

I love to learn and I also love to teach, heal and share this wisdom. Am looking forward to meeting you.

Julie Phillips