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Australian and New Zealand Certified GAPS Practitioner Listing

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GAPS Practitioner Listing

The ‘GAPS Practitioner Listing’ Button will lead you to an extensive list of Australian and New Zealand Certified GAPS Practitioners who have been formally trained and certified by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride.  Most of these Practitioners are prepared to consult with you by phone or in person. Apart from giving private consultations many of these practitioners run a local GAPS Group, which is a support group for you. Attending regular meetings with your local GAPS Group will allow you to meet other people who are using the GAPS Nutritional Protocol whilst receiving GAPS support from experienced Practitioners.  These groups are targeted to help you learn more about the GAPS program whilst having the opportunity to have your questions answered.

If you are a health professional in Australia or New Zealand seeking to be trained by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride to receive certification as a GAPS Practitioner, please register HERE


GAPS Diet Australia Clinic

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GAPS Nutrition Consultancy Clinic Linda Paterson


Australian & New Zealand Associates & Consultants

This link will assist you to find a list of GAPS Associates and Nutrition Consultants that have completed some training with Linda Paterson prior to the release of the official GAPS training program launched by Dr Natasha in 2012.   This group is identified as ‘GAPS Nutrition Consultants’ or GAPS Associates’ however several of them have since done further training with Dr Natasha and become Certified GAPS Practitioners and can also be located in the above official global list.  Most health care professionals in this group will be able to offer you consultations via telephone, Skype or in person at their clinic.

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GAPS Nutrition Consultants