Strawberry and Yoghurt Rollups

Strawberry and Yoghuret Rollups


2 punnets of fresh organic strawberries

2 cups of GAPS fresh yoghurt

2 tablespoons of honey


You will need a dehydrator for this recipe and some teflex dehydrator sheets.  This recipe should fill 2 – 3 trays.

1.  Process all ingredients in a food processor or thermomix until smooth (but not too runny).

2.  Place a droll up ingredientsehydrator sheet on the dehydrator tray and pour mixture onto the sheet as shown in the image below.  Repeat this on the other sheets.

3.  Place trays in the dehydrator at 135F for 6 – 8 hours.

4.  Remove from the dehydrator and cut them into strips or squares.  It is important to roll them up before they cool down too much as they start to harden a little.  You want them to be flexible to roll up and wrap as a bon-bon with baking paper.  Simply twist the sides of the paper to seal and store in the fridge.

Other Ingredients

You can explore with different ingredients to suit your taste.  Here are more options below.

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