Soaking Solution
  • 2Cups Kefirif you have a food allergy to dairy kefir, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar work great too.
Chicken Liver Pate
Preparation and Soaking
  1. After you have frozen the liver for two weeks prepare your liver by soaking it. Simply add the liver to a glass bowl and pour the kefir over the top making sure it is all covered and place it in the fridge for 4 hours or overnight. This will help to remove any impurities, tenderise the liver and improve the flavor of the liver.
  2. When soaking is complete, wash the liver to remove the kefir with filtered water.
Liver Pate
  1. Heat oil/fat in pan and add onion, celery and garlic and sauté for 1 minute
  2. Add liver and sauté till opaque
  3. Add herbs if selected and let cool
  4. Transfer to the blender and remaining oil/fat and blend till smooth
  5. Transfer to glass container and refrigerate
  6. Add melted ghee or lard over the top to create a skin to preserve the colour. Sprinkle a little herbs over the top for garnish if you wish.
  7. Alternatively transfer mixture to ice cube trays and freeze
Recipe Notes

Clinical Notes

Another way to supplement with liver if you do not like the flavour of pate is to freeze it raw and cut them into small capsule sizes and swallow them whole like a capsule.  This way you will not taste the liver as it is swallowed whole.  If you do this option, be sure to freeze the liver for two weeks first.