Nut Free Flour-less Chicken Pancakes
This recipe is appropriate for the Introduction Diet from Stage 3 on wards
Servings Prep Time
2People 15Minutes
Servings Prep Time
2People 15Minutes
  1. Using a food processor, blend all ingredients together until completely smooth. The mixture will look like thick pancake batter
  2. Heat the pan and melt some ghee or duck fat to grease the pan
  3. Pour spoonfuls of the batter into the pan. The batter may need to be spread out a bit with the spoon so that it is not too thick
  4. Watch to see tiny bubbles form on the top before flipping them over but be sure not to cook to high or they will burn
  5. Serve warm or cold with a slice of avocado or just as they are
Recipe Notes


When you have progressed through the stages, you may add onion, grated carrot and zucchini for extra flavour. Other ingredients to consider when making this recipe are equal amounts of organic nut butter, eggs and squash (as directed in the introduction diet).

When on the full GAPS diet you may wish to add spring onion shallots, carrot and zucchini to the recipe to make fritters.  Later when cucumbers are tollerated, you can enjoy these with a nice homemade tzatziki dip.