Nut Butter
This recipe is appropriate for the Introduction Diet from Stage 3 onward
Servings Prep Time
1 Jar 20Minutes
Servings Prep Time
1 Jar 20Minutes
  1. Soak and dry nuts as per our recipe provided in the recipe section under condiments
  2. Blanch nuts if required (see almond blanching recipe instructions) This is not usually necessary if the nuts have been soaked but this step can be helpful for extreme sensitivities.
  3. Using a good strong blender, vitamix or thermo mixer, blend nuts and salt for as long as it takes to break down the size of the nuts into a nut butter consistency whilst gradually adding the coconut oil sparingly to begin with and proceed to add additional oil to produce the smooth consistency desired. This can take up to 20 minutes.
  4. If the nuts have been roasted, you may not need any oil or very little. Children love honey added to this spread but this is dependent upon whether you are ready to introduce honey at this stage and whether you are trying to avoid yeast feeding sugars.
  5. Remember: preparing your nuts through drying and soaking first will allow for a better nut butter and easier digestion.
Recipe Notes

Clinical Notes

Nuts and Seeds are fibrous and should not be introduced for GAPS patients until digestive symptoms have shown some signs of improvement. The introduction diet provides a slow introduction to nuts by starting with nut butter followed by baking with nut flour and finally nuts for snacks themselves with encouragement to prepare them and chew them well. The sensitivity test is advised to be carried out first for those who suspect a true nut allergy, however there are many people who express their intolerance for nuts during the introduction diet who may need to determine themselves whether to wait until further healing takes place before introducing them.