Crunchy Nut Seed Fruit Combo Bites or Bars
  1. You may wish to lightly grind some of the nuts to break them up a little but they can be left as they are
  2. Soak all seeds and nuts overnight and rinse them under filtered water in a sieve
  3. Combine and mix all ingredients with your hands or a big spoon in a bowl
  4. The flax seed may need a little more draining in a sieve before you add them to the remaining of the ingredients. These will work as a binding agent to keep all your ingredients together.
  5. When all is combined simply spread the ingredients on a dehydrator sheet (1 cm thick) and Dry at 135 degrees F or 57 ◦C for 20-24 hrs
  6. You may dehydrate for longer if you want a crispier result or intend to make thicker nut/seed bars
  7. When completed, simply break into bite size snacks or cut specific portions with a knife. You may also wish to break it up further to make a muesli mix for breakfast with your yoghurt.
  8. You can explore any nut fruit and seed combo that you desire. Enjoy!