Just like a Kingston only better

Just like a kingston
















*Tools needed: Dehydrator, thermomix (or steel blade blender/food processor)


Cookie mix

10-12 pitted dates

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1 cup of shredded coconut

2 cups of soaked almonds (soak for 12 hours)

1 cup of water (used to soak dates)

Chock Frosting

1 Cup of daters

1/4 cup of raw cacoa powder

1/4 cup of cold-pressed coconut oil

3/4 cup of water

vanilla extract


Preparation: boil water and pit dates

Cookie Mix

1. Soak all pitted dates for 15 minutes in 1 cup of hot boiled water.  (do not discard the water – you will need half a cup of water to add to the ingredients).

2. Add all almonds to the thermomix or food processor and chop nuts until they are fine like a grain of rice but do not grind into a flour consistency.

3. Add vanilla extract, shredded coconut, dates and half a cup of the water (that was set aside from soaking the dates) and mix in the thermomix or processor on a low speed to blend and combine the ingredients into a thick consistency.  The cookie mix should not be runny.

4. Roll the cookie mix into small balls and place onto a dehydrator tray and paraflexx sheet.  Squash the balls with a fork and deydrate on 63 degrees C (135 Degrees F) for 24 hours.  You may wish to remove the paraflexx sheet after 12 hours when the cookie has hardened.  The longer you leave them the crunchier they will become.

Chock Frosting

1. Place all ingredients in a high-speed blender. If possible, let them sit in there for a few minutes to soften the dates a little bit.

2. Blend all ingredients in your high-speed blender. The ingredients can be a little finicky to blend, so start at a slow speed and increase speed slowly.

3. Keep blending for a very long time to get a velvety consistency. This is one of those recipes that really makes use of the power of a high-speed blender. If you feel that the blades are just spinning but aren’t actually moving all of the icing around, turn the blender off and make an air pocket down the side of the blender with a spatula to expose the blades. Remove the spatula, replace the lid, and start blending slowly again.

4. You’ll know it’s ready if there are no bits of dates and all you can taste is velvety chocolate goodness.

5. This raw chocolate icing is ready to use as soon as you pour it out of the blender

When the Cookies have cooled smear the chocolate frosting on the flat side of the cookie with a knife and press another cookie on top squeezing the chock frosting in the middle.  Enjoy