GAPS Milkshake / Smoothie

GAPS Milkshake Smoothie CombinationIf the person is not prone to diarrhoea, they may introduce the GAPS milkshake from the beginning.


Vegetable juice items:    1 Carrot

2 – 3 apples or equivalent in pineapple

1 stick of celery

Small wedge of beetroot

Small piece of white or red cabbage

Eggs: 1-2 raw eggs (yolks and whites) preferably use organic free range eggs.

Fats: 4-5 tablespoons of raw sour cream or yoghurt (if sour cream has not yet been introduced, you may add ghee or raw butter (at room temperature – softened) or raw coconut oil.


Freshly press all vegetable items in your juicer and pour into the blender if you have one.  To the juice add the eggs and fats.  Blend the mixture together in the blender or mix by a hand held kitchen tool.


This milkshake will provide valuable raw nutrients and beneficial fats.  Some parents find it easier to add Cod Liver Oil to the milkshake, rather than on its own and children don’t know it has been added.  Dr Natasha suggests starting from 1/3 of a glass per day first thing in the morning.  For optimal benefits, Dr Natasha encourages 4-5 glasses of the GAPS Milkshake per day, in-between meals and to chew every mouthful slowly.