GAPS 101: Your Online Learning Toolkit

GAPS 101 is an online learning guided program offered to families and professionals who wish to understand all the concepts associated with the GAPS Protocol and how to navigate through each diet approach. The rich source of knowledge and extensive list of resources, meal plans, tools and templates are targeted to aid the GAPS family to feel confident in the preparation and implementation of their own GAPS journey.

With over ten years of clinical experience and understanding the diversity of GAPS family needs, Linda Paterson has compiled and developed this comprehensive GAPS Learning Program for families.

The delivery of this program has been compiled into a series of seperate courses and learning modules so that individuals can select the areas of interest based on individual need.

Many of our Certified GAPS Practitioners have also pilot the use of these tools and subscribed to this learning resource for the supportive use of the value-added tools within their own clinic.

Please be patient with us as we prepare to launch the GAPS 101 Online Learning Program for families.

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Who is the GAPS Online Learning Kit designed for?

This Online Learning Program is ideal for:

  • Families or individuals who wish to understand the GAPS Protocol and how to best approach it..
  • Families or individuals who are looking for simple tools and templates to assist them in mapping and planning their GAPS journey.
  • Parents who need supportive information on Applied Behaviour Analysis strategies for fussy eaters and how to manage the GAPS diet for children at school or kindy.
  • Practitioners and associated health professionals who wish to support their own patients with useful tools and templates to assist in navigating the GAPS diet after consultations.

What is the GAPS 101 Online Learning kit and what does it include?

“The GAPS 101: Online Learning Toolkit” is not a replacement of the GAPS Book. It is merely an extension to the GAPS book advising on all diet intervention options, recipes, tools, templates and other additional supportive and guiding GAPS information.  This program aims to breakdown or provide a more simplified version of the GAPS Protocol whilst explaining how to approach and implement the protocol for a specific person.  You will find easy to use templates to record and monitor your progress and tools and templates that assist you with the planning of everyday meals.  A shopping guide makes it easy for people to coordinate their grocery shopping for their family.  We also provide guided information and tools to assist with ABA programs for fussy eaters as well as tools and templates for school intervention support plans and letter templates for schools to understand the GAPS diet and the schools need for cooperative support.

This ‘online learning toolkit’ was compiled by Linda Paterson and emerged from both personal and professional clinical experience.  The passion and motivation behind the development of this program emerged from Linda’s own personal experience and knowledge from applying and implementing the GAPS Protocol effectively for her own son who was diagnosed with autism in 2008.   Linda’s son has since restored his health and reversed his many symptoms associated with Autism and attends a mainstream school.  It was through this experience that Linda acknowledged the limited support available to coach and guide her through the protocol.  As a result ‘GAPS Diet Australia and her GAPS  Clinic emerged.  With the benefits from having over ten years of clinical experience in treating GAPS conditions, Linda has compiled and developed a comprehensive GAPS Online Learning Program specifically designed for families – GAPS 101.

Linda understands the challenges associated with implementing the GAPS Protocol because she has experienced this first hand. For this very reason, she is motivated to help others to understand the GAPS Protocol and all it’s inclusive components through the delivery of online learning. Linda is the sole founder of GAPS Diet Australia. She is a proud single mother of two who have played pinnacle roles in the shaping of her work and heart to establish the ability to share and impact the GAPS community in a passionate and supportive way.

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