Nutrition Consultants

 Australian GAPS Nutrition Consultants

Bronwyn Sach: Certified GAPS Practitioner

Medical Herbalist  Nutritionist, Specialising in Depression, Anxiety & Autism

Location: North Sydney, NSW

email:bronwyn@bronwynsach.com website: www.bronwynsach.com

Kitsa Yanniotis: Certified GAPS Practitioner

Psychotherapist Counsellor & Fermentation Enthusiast, Specialising in Autism & Anxiety

Location: Lower North Shores of Sydney, NSW

email: gaps@kitsaskitchen.com.au

Nina Stabey: GAPS Nutrition Consultant

Naturopath, Nutritional and Herbal Medicine, Specialising in Digestive Health for ASD

Location: Prahran & Brighton, Melbourne VIC

email: nina@thehealingingredient.com

Amy Musau: GAPS Nutrition Consultant

Naturopathic Nutritionist & Traditional Tibetan Medicine, Specialising in Plant and Food Medicine

Location: Wangaratta, Northern VIC

email: a.musau@plantandfoodmedicine.com

Fiona Keegan: Nutrition Consultant Trained in whole and natural foods

Remedial and Therapeutic Bodywork, Specialising in wholefoods and fermentation

Location: Perth WA

email: fiona.keegan@yahoo.com

Shaun Watson: GAPS Nutrition Consultant

Naturopathy and Kinesiology

Location: Maleny QLD 

email: atherton2000@yahoo.com 

New Zealand GAPS Nutrition Consultants

Deb Gully: Certified GAPS Practitioner

Kinesiologist & EFT Practitioner

NZ GAPS Merchandise Distributor

website: www.diet.net.nz

Ian Haldane: GAPS Associate 

GAPS Workshops and Presentations

email: ian@zenian.co.nz