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Become a Certified GAPS™ Practitioner with Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD and join the growing Internationally acclaimed Certified GAPS Practitioner Team!

 Certified GAPS Practitioner Training Program


We wish to advise that we have recently undergone a rather significant shift in regards to the GAPS Practitioner Training Course globally. We are now in a position to cease all GAPS Practitioner Training Programs held in a conference setting. We are however very excited to say that we are now moving the course to a more structured and advanced training program that will be completely facilitated online. Don’t worry you will still have the opportunity to get together with other GAPS Practitioners and network at our Practitioner Case Conference Events. We do appreciate your patience as we take some time to launch the new program online and until then we are unable to provide you with any further information. Please watch this space as we aim to move closer to the release of our new Advanced GAPS Practitioner Training Program in the next coming weeks.

We know many of you will accept this change as pleasing news because Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride and the Global GAPS Team are very excited to now have available more advanced knowledge to share with Practitioners coupled with more current updates and changing trends associated with GAPS around the world.

In order to be on our contact list when the course is released, we need to hear from you advising that you wish to be contacted when the online course is available. Please send us a brief email to practitioners@gapsaustralia.com.au advising that you wish to be contacted and we will add you to our priority contact list. We thank you for your interest in the program and look forward to assisting you to complete your Online Advanced GAPS Practitioner Training Course in due time.


Very Sincerely,

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD

and Linda Paterson Certified GAPS Practitioner


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