Changes to the Autism Diet

Changes to the Autism Diet

There are many studies that exist today that look at the autism diet, which is the intake and digestive functioning of a child or adult with autism. The autism diet is thought to be a way of treating people with autism through the things that they eat. The idea is based on the belief that the prevalence of digestive problems in people with autism is not likely to be simply a coincidence, but something that is in some way linked to the condition. Studies that look at the autism diet in detail, therefore, start with the health of the gut. The reason attention has been turned to the autism diet is because it has so far proven very difficult to say for certain what the cause of autism is. We know that reported cases are higher for males than females and we have lots of ideas about how we can treat people who have received a diagnosis, but increasing focus is now being given to nutritional therapy.

Nutritional Therapy in Treating Autism

The autism diet looks at the disruption caused to the digestive system and tries to restore a sense of balance. The autism diet looks at blood sugar and toxicity levels as well as what additives are in the diet. The autism diet also looks to increase the amount of essential fats that are being eaten.

The autism diet looks at:

  • Blood sugar
  • Toxicity levels
  • Additives

Some people who have a child that has been given a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder tell us that their child was given many courses of antibiotics during their infancy. The problem with this is that these kinds of medicines can kill both bad and good bacteria in the gut. This isn’t to say that these medicines should not be taken, but that it is important to restore the balance because it is essential that we have healthy guts that function properly if we are to maintain a healthy digestive system. This can be achieved by creating an autism diet and adding in enzymes that can help with digestion. Probiotic products that can be bought in supermarkets can also help with absorption. The autism diet works in a number of ways and can be achieved by adding in helpful supplements and removing harmful toxins from the diet. Doctors are the best people to provide information about how to do this. 

Changes to the Autism Diet

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