We are dedicated to families wishing to learn and navigate the GAPS Protocol.

GAPS Australia is a resource platform for GAPS related information, products, support networks and services.

Here you will find a wealth of knowledge and information to assist you on your GAPS journey, including ways to incorporate the diet for fussy eaters.  The GAPS online shop will provide you with extensive GAPS supplies delivered to your door and you will have the opportunity to meet other GAPS minded people on our GAPS Australasian Support Forum.  Further support includes GAPS staple recipes and a collection of multimedia learning videos for you to view.  A free subscription to the GAPS Nutrition News also provides a bonus free E-Book to get you started.


Services offered by ‘GAPS Nutrition Consultancy’ (established in 2009) provide Certified GAPS Practitioner Consultations via skype, phone or in person.  This service delivers guidance to individuals wishing to navigate and implement the GAPS diet specific to their individual needs and allows them to learn important concepts to better understand what to expect during the healing process and how they can best manage it.


Our goal is to increase community awareness of the GAPS™ nutrition protocol and provide support to people aiming to restore digestive health through good nutrition.

The founder

Linda Paterson is the founder of ‘GAPS Australia’ and ‘GAPS Nutrition Consultancy’ and dedicates much of her time in helping other families to learn about the GAPS Nutrition Protocol developed by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride. Linda’s passion derived from her successful experience in implementing the GAPS Protocol for her own son who was diagnosed with Autism and who has since restored his health and reversed the many symptoms associated with autism. It was though this experience that Linda acknowledged the limited support available to coach and guide her through the protocol.

Since then, Linda has consulted many families as a Certified GAPS Practitioner (nationally and internationally) in navigating the GAPS Protocol and has trained Practitioners to join GAPS Nutrition Consultancy to share in this support abroad. Through this experience she has compiled her book ‘The GAPS Companion, A handbook for beginners’ and collaborated her support with Dr Natasha to deliver the Certified GAPS Practitioner Training Program in Australia with the first training course commencing in 2012.

Linda’s son was fortunate to start the GAPS program early at age 3 accompanied by Applied Behaviour Analysis programs and early intervention education for children with Autism.  With a full committed approach with all these intervention strategies, Linda now enjoys watching her son attend mainstream school and engage in sports such as soccer and gymnastics. The GAPS protocol challenges mainstream nutrition and cooking practices, yet its praise is sung by many who experience the healing benefits derived from its teaching.

“I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. 

What I can do, I should do, and by the grace of God, I will do.”

Edward Everett Hale